Fighting the flu? Try the higadito at El Jacalito Oaxaqueño!

My whole family has been fighting the flu or just bad colds all winter. The cool, damp weather just runs us down. We’ve been downing gallons of tea and Emergen-C. We’ve also been getting bowls of matzoh ball soup at a few different places around town, though none worth writing about. My mom makes it way better – this is just for medicinal purposes.

This morning we decided to change it up and went to El Jacalito Oaxaqueño (12618 W Washington Blvd Culver City, CA 90066) for a hot bowl of higadito. It was perfect for what we wanted.

When the steaming bowls arrive at your table, there’s a vague sense that you’re suddenly in a pizza show. It’s the oregano. The higadito at EJO is thick with scrambled egg (which sort of has a matzoh ball quality) and plenty of chunks of stewed chicken and tomatoes. The broth is rich, spicer than the broth in a deli’s chicken soup. Add a few drops of the salsa on the table to give it a bit more kick.

EJO has been rec’d before on this site so I won’t take you through the menu. It’s one of many family-run Mexican places in my neighborhood and a darn good one. A drive-across-town destination? No. You probably have a place like it where you live. But it is a real, solid homemade meal if you live near the 90066 and the higadito is perfect when you’re a bit under the weather. We felt so much better after having some. (It’s 8.99 for a nice, big bowl)

Feel free to pass along your spot for soup when you’ve got a cold or the flu.


Buil Samgye Tang because nothing is quite like Korean chicken soup (made with a whole chicken stuffed with all sort of goodies) to kill any unwanted intruders my immune system can’t fight off on its own.

Ugh where was this thread before I came down with a killer flu this weekend? :frowning:

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I swear by the Consume at Monte Alban. It’s what I call my mexican jewish grandmother’s chicken soup. Spicy and dense and rich.

Consome Ranchero
Chicken broth with shredded chicken breast, chopped tomato, onion, cilantro, jalapeño, avocado, rice, and ranchero.