Filet o Hashbrown


Fried golden McSquare + tartar sauce + X = greatness (for X = zero to infinity)



I ordered a fish sandwich, not a salad.

If I want cheap greens, I’ll go to Souplantation.

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i decided to try it. it wasn’t bad, but apparently my palate is insufficiently cultivated.


I agree with you. Now, for me, it works better with a double filet ‘o fish.

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if the fish and hash browns had been crispier, there would have been less of a homogeneous texture that i found underwhelming. it was more like eating a grilled cheese sandwich stuffed with mashed potatoes which in itself can be great conceptually but a failure in execution; now, take grilled cheese with mashed potatoes and add (shudder!) hormel chili and suddenly you’ve got something you can sell from a truck at $8 or more.

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That’s pretty much why for me it works better with a double filet, assuming you have crispy hash browns that contrast a thick layer of fish.

Your grilled cheese with mashies and Hormel chili sounds good, lol!


i think that there’s a grilled cheese truck out there selling those. i had one minus the chili.


Filet O Hashbrown Fridays are back!!

Yeah, this is a winning combination.

I tried it last year with a double and it’s damn good too!! But I think I now prefer a single filet o fish more.


I’ve never liked to double up on the fish in this hack. A single fish patty is perfect. Doubling the fish messes with the flavor balance.


Freaking McD - the hash brown costs as much as the FoF itself.


Probably b/c the hashbrowns are the only component that resume an actual “real” food? :wink:



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Filet-O-Fries > Filet-O-Hashbrown.


Hate to disrupt this thread of love to McD’s, has anyone during Lent ever had a Chick-Fil-A fish sandwich? They are not widely available but some locations are supposedly doing it?

Maybe a Waffle Fish sandwich would be good?


I was curious about the Chick-Fil-A fish, too. Maybe I’ll try it this weekend.

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Did it.

Filet-O-Fries < Filet-O-Hashbrown.


If you find a CFA that serves it, please post where.


Due to LGBTQ issues I boycott Chick-Fil-A. And it pains me. I ate them for decades and there’s one here in Reno. I’ve thought about having one and then making a donation to an LGBTQ cause :slight_smile:

ETA: isn’t it only Fridays that the stupid rule applies?


Part of me is starting to feel like hashbrowns > french fries