Filet o Hashbrown


I don’t think anyone here is stating that Christians are horrible people.

Yes, and me refusing to support an organization that sends the clear (and genuinely physically and existentially dangerous) message that I am sub-human, less deserving of the full protection and rights afforded to every other American, and worthy of divine contempt is about a lot more than “politics,” too… Well, it was until the voting citizens of California decided to pass a constitutional amendment giving me one less right than everyone else.

This is everyday life for me, and what happened into 2008 showed me that w/ every waking moment I have to protect myself. I don’t have the privilege of making it a non-political issue when people are trying to legislate me and people like me out of existence.

I honestly make no judgment about people eating there. Some people that I know love the place, and it is what it is.

But I will not eat there for the same reason as @catholiver.


Well said. :clap::clap::clap:


FYI - The Chik filet location on Jefferson by the 405 doesn’t have the Lent fish sandwich special.


@Gr8pimpin La Habra on Imperial has it.

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The one by Imperial and Beach? Is this only on Fridays?


What is this CFA fish sandwich and does it taste good


i’m intrigued


Proof of life on Beach & Imperial. Available everyday and with the option of fish “fingers.”

Served with tartar sauce and pickles. It wasn’t as crispy as I would have liked, but the fish was certainly moist. Had I been quick enough, I would have added American cheese to it, too…a la Filet-O-Fish. It’s only about $0.10 more than the regular chicken sandwich meal.


So, @attran99, how was it aside from crispness? The seasoning on the coating I assume is same as the chicken?

Also, thank you so much for the report!!

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I liked it…more than my homemade cheater version with Costco fish sticks and tartar sauce form the Original Fish Company? Maybe not, but I would certainly try it again.
Also available in Deluxe form with lettuce and tomato.


wait a minute, it doesn’t come with cheese?


It comes like their regular chicken sandwich…toasted bun and pickles with a bonus of a side of prepackaged tartar sauce. You’ll have to add the cheese if you want it or get the Deluxe to add lettuce, tomato, and cheese.
I don’t think their intent is to go directly against the Filet-O-Fish. I think their intent is to just offer a Lent-friendly version.

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@Dommy and I went by the Chick-Fil-a at Exposition Park on Fig and they don’t offer it.


OK, fillet O hash brown it is not but…

In my car, I found this…

In my effort to continue to be the most classless, useless, and least cultured contributor to FTC, I took this…

and did THIS…

Gotta say… Filet O’ Pescado or Filet Del Fish or whatever you want to call it, wasn’t half bad. Maybe Franks would have been better but…

Ok. Sorry to trouble you all. Next I’ll probably post when I put ketchup on French fries.


You mean, you found your wilderness survival kit?


Tangentially, does McD not want to sell McMuffins anymore? I went to McD today to load up on cheap breakfast foods, but instead was met with $4.50 McMuffins with no discounts, and no 2 for $4 offers. I just can’t.

Player 2 has entered the game



gotta use the app for all McMuffin purchases. And some locations are indeed insane on the price.



I got to the parking lot of McD where I usually pull up the App and do the order, then walk in and pickup. All the app could muster up was donut sticks and coffee for $2.

This was my breakfast earlier in the week btw. Breakfast of champions.


Stuffed jalapeños and a sourdough breakfast jack? Well played!!

Yeah McD the best they’ve had on McMuffins is buy one get second for 25¢… but you’re right, the breakfast options have been pretty nonexistent lately.

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lee’s sandwiches got rid off their $3 banh mi of the day and replaced it with $2 breakfast sandwich all day.

as for mcd’s yeah, their menu has changed (again) recently. a month ago someone had $1 hamburgers and $3 triple cheeseburgers. gone. now - i went in for a $1 large drink and some wifi & their dollar menu had just mcdouble/mcchicken 2 for $3.

fortunately baja cali fish is still going strong with their tuesday $.99 fish taco. someone i introduced to the place loves them so much he’s had them three weeks in a row. this week he ordered 12 for dinner…