Finally some legit Indonesian food in LA!

Hey guys,

So I just discovered this FB group called SoCal Indo Food last week where they deliver pretty much all over SoCal every week. Having moved to LA from Indo 5 years ago, of course I have to give it a go.

And oh my, IT BROUGHT ME TO TEARS :joy::joy:
Man! Legit, it’s the food tastes just as good as the ones in Indo :fire::fire:
Must have items: lemper, risoles, lumpia goreng, martabak manis (best in LA so far imo), and of course nasi ayam geprek! But their menu changes every week, so I don’t know if they’ll have it this week.

You can check out their order form here:

So yeah, I’ve been looking on this form for a while, but never made an account to post anything lol. Just thought I’d make this post to help them as fellow Indonesians. And seeing the lack of Indo food here, I’m very proud of what they’re doing with this.

Here’s a photo of their ayam geprek (which is Indonesian fried chicken topped with some amazing hot chili sauce), forgot to take pics of mine after I finish them hahaha:

If you guys do end up ordering, just let them know Kevin told you, so hopefully I’ll get some bonus! :joy::joy:


Oh yeah, forgot to mention, I would recommend joining the FB group “SoCal Indo Food” just cause they give updates on delivery which can come in handy.

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Welcome to FTC!

Glad to see lurker come out of the shadows! That chicken looks so good!

My mouth is already watering looking through the images. My only experience with Indonesian cuisine here is from Simpang Asia so thank you for sharing this! : )

Also has anyone tried this Bali Mesari home kitchen pop up?

Yes it is!

My pleasure

Oh! Just heard about this. Thanks!

Welcome to FTC!

Actually I had already recommended the FB Indo group to FTC back in June. Glad to see you enjoying it. Say hi to Aaron if you see him.


Oh nice! Yes of course! I’ll say hi to him for you. Been ordering for 3 weeks straight now HAHAHAHAHA

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trying to order but honestly not much to choose from… 1 curry chicken, sambal one is sunday only, a tofu omelet, a chicken soup, a couple of appetisers and deep fried goods that wont travel right… and sweets

help me @k_w

Of course! I would highly recommend the nasi campur, the risoles, corn fritters, lemper (imo this is even better than the ones in Indo lol), the pepes udang (if you like spicy), and HIGHLY recommend the martabak manis (if you like coffee, definitely order the coffee based one)

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things like pepes and risoles come crispy? there’s nothing too spicy for me… ready to order…

random thoughts… what are the safety considerations of these type of orders at the scientists on the board? obviously pre-cooked food not kept in fridge or on a heater are growing all kinds of mudbutt creating bacteria

I’ve ordered from them without any issues.

Risoles is crispy, but pepes is not fried, so it’s not crispy. They’re packaging is actually superb imo. And they are not home cook, they are a catering company that operate from a commercial kitchen. Everything is freshly made on the day of delivery. So far everything is perfect for me

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Nice. Excited to try thanks

It’s a whole new world dude, hahahahah!

The IG link on the EaterLA article was broken, but I sent a DM to a different IG account @balimesarila — I’ll be sure to report back. If possible, I’m hoping to place an order in a few weeks.

Update as of 9/9/2020:

Bali Mesari has ordering instructions and menu exclusively on their Instagram stories and here are my notes:

*Pre-order opens every Saturday at 5 PM
*Place order by direct messaging on Instagram @balimesarila
*Pick up/Delivery schedule: Lunch (12-2p); Dinner (5-7p)
*Pickup location: East Hollywood
*Provide item names, your address & tel. number
*Payment via cash/zelle/venmo
*Delivery zone: East Hollywood, Silverlake, Koreatown, and downtown.
*2 box minimum for delivery order
*Product available on Wednesday and Friday only

Sample menu:

Nasi Jinggo $11 [chicken with rice]
Ayam Bakar $11 [grilled chicken with sides and sambal sauce]
Balinese pork ribs $14

It’ll be a while before I get around to trying it out.

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Another place I’ve bookmarked is Medan Kitchen in Rosemead. It’s a new brick and mortar takeout business run by an Indonesian woman who is said to be well known in the Indonesian community for her homestyle cooking. Current info and reviews on Yelp:

Wow nasi padang. Wonder if they offer a large daily variety of dishes… @k_w have you tried Medan Kitchen?