Finally some legit Indonesian food in LA!

I got the Bali mesari a few weeks ago delivered. It was tasty and great QPR. I’d recommend it


Oh wow! Thank for the info!

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Yes, I actually tried it with some friends like 3 weeks ago! Honestly, it’s just okay imo hehe. You should give them a try tho!

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tried medan kitchen today. they offer boxed stuff to go, most of them are $13.

i went with the beef rendang (sp?), fried chicken & hard boiled egg with coconut rice and a bag of crispy deep fried things that i assume goes on the rice.

i have very little baseline for evaluating indonesian food, and even less so as i believe this is the first rendition of food from sumatra i’ve ever had. for those of you familiar with borneo kalimantan restaurant, borneo is the middle island, while medan is the capital of north sumatra (western island). i’d expect there to be differences, especially since malaysia actually sits between parts of the two islands…

having said that, the rendang was tender and very flavorful with a strong but pleasant coconut presence. chew it slowly to fully appreciate the depth of flavor in the meat. the egg was immersed in a fiery red chile sauce that left me perspiring quite freely. the small portion of green sauce made me think of salsa verde though with a lot more heat than i’m used to. perhaps it was meant to be used as a condiment to the other dishes, but i felt the spiciness would have overwhelmed the other flavors.

the fried chicken (more like a squab) was also quite tasty and rested on a bed of .tofu tempeh cooked with green & red pepper. though tasty in its own way, the relative blandness of tempeh was a nice contrast from the red chile sauce.

i got an overall sense of sweetness but not overwhelmingly so. being toisan chinese, i’m used to eating a lot of rice and the dishes help the rice go down by lending it flavor. i think that approach is not the way to go here even though the sauces may beg for that. this food might be best enjoyed by eating slowly and in small bites, enjoying the depth of the flavors of each dish. especially the rendang.