First Time in LA

walk it off

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We like wine fine. And we like fine wine…We toured Napa Valley a few years ago but this trip we didn’t do any wine planning. I see there are almost 30 wineries on the Santa Barbara Urban Wine Trail so thanks for the narrowing (Jaffurs was sold last year, not that I was familiar with it before it was sold). I’d like to go to wine country, sometime…

You can skip it all in Santa Barbara, it’s more special up in Los Olivos.

Demetria is an especially stunning estate, just call ahead. Foxen also great on that stretch. Inside of Los Olivos little town there are many tasting rooms to visit, 5 of them are quite good.


Just did Au Bon Climat, Margerum, Riverbench, Grissini, and Happy Canyon this weekend. Au Bon Climat was doing tasting plus AYCE street tacos for $25. :slight_smile:


ABC is 3 blocks from Barbareno so i’m always doing that :slight_smile:

how was riverbench? looked really big and watered down place to me so we skipped.

If you don’t enjoy traffic and dealing with parking, skip renting a car and take the Metro supplemented with Lyft.

Jun Won for Korean.

Luv2Eat or Jitlada for Thai.

My two cents based on your planned itinerary.

For Korean (aside from the typical Korean BBQ that you can find in spades in MIdtown Manhattan’s K-Town)

  • Chung Kiwa
  • Byul Gobchang
  • Soot Bull Jeep
  • Jeon Ju
  • Yu Chun

For Mexican

  • Broken Spanish
  • Tire Shop Taqueria
  • Babita
  • Sonoratown

For Thai

  • Night & Market Song
  • Same Same
  • Sri

For Chinese

  • Newport Seafood
  • Sea Harbour
  • Stroll up and down Valley Blvd between New Ave. and Del Mar

Sea Harbour

Isn’t that a gas station? :sweat_smile::joy::wink:


I ate well at Night+Market Song though I’d go to Luv2Eat first.

I was disappointed in Sea Harbour.

Yes, and we know why.


Take the city bus (DASH) to the Griffith Observatory at Sunset/Vermont Red Line Station for only 50 cents!!

Go see Marty and Elayne at The Dresden.

Someone mentioned Ricky’s Fish Tacos check his Twitter…

Also during the day if your near the science center be sure to try out Mariscos Jaliscos food truck and also Carnitas el momo food truck. El momo is usually in the area, and mariscos jaliscos is just east.

^^^^^ Wednesday’s only^^^^^

Momo is at different spots thru the week.

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Ricky’s is going on my compilation list, as is Mariscos Jaliscos and every other food truck mentioned here. Thanks for the 50 cent tip.

Thanks Nemroz, which tasting rooms do you like in Los Olivos?

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Thanks, I see there are two Newport Seafood locations with the SGV location much favored over the Beverly Hills one.

Seems like a “typical Korean BBQ” to me.

Charcoal grills are rare in Manhattan K-Town

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Got it.

Tell me (us) more…never heard of it…what’s good (other than the beer selection)?

We did the Riverbench tasting room in Santa Barbara. It wasn’t big at all. We got there right when it opened at 11 and it was us (party of 7) and another couple. Another twosome came in about 10 minutes later. Our friends who planned the trip had been to Riverbench before and liked their wines so it was their suggestion. They did the red tasting and bought 3 bottles of the Mesa Pinot Noir. I did the Sparkling/Bubbly tasting, which was good, but nothing I wanted to buy. I did buy wine at some of the other places we tasted at (Happy Canyon/Piocho, Margerum, Au Bon Climat) and also picked up a bottle of Amaro from Margerum.