Fish Dumplings, without Pork?

You could stuff kreplach with gefilte fish?

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mmmmmm kreplach.

where ??? wiener ???

My favorite is Brent’s, no pork here…

photo from

The aforementioned places, like Flavor Garden, QingDao Breadfood, and Golden Dumpling House.

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when did beef become treif?

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thank you

i’m not kosher.
i just don’t eat meat nor poultry.

i do eat most seafood.

Glad I’m not the only pescatarian here, @westsidegal.

I miss my grandma. She’d make them from scratch, put them in soup and some she’d fry 'em up. Haven’t had anything as good at a restaurant. :sob:

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Did you see Mo Rocca make them (well, watch someone make them) on “My Grandma’s Ravioli?” Might be something you’d enjoy (although I don’t remember her frying them).

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mine too. my nana was an amazing cook.

but I think we all chase grandma food—no matter our nationality, heritage, religion, culture, etc. It’s those family tastes that are dearest.

also—hard to get those tastes @ a restauraunt


Watching now!! Thanks for the tip. This is a hoot.

The woman is making it slightly non-traditional, the wine and seasonings. My grandma used lung in her meat filling, a traditional ingredient that is probably hard to find. She had this great meat grinder… ahh, memories!

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Agree with JAB on the fish dumplings @ DTF. There is NO pork…which is probably why they’re not very good.

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