Fish Taco Recipes

The fish part I got. What cool cabbage concoctions, crema or sauces you put on there? Toppings basically. had these from rose cafe and the relish/cabbage was off the chain.


There is a new season of taco chronicles with fish tacos. Have you seen it? It is so much more in depth than what we have in LA as far as salsas and toppings

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The fish taco episode in Taco Chronicles II is a lot of fun + it is very good.

Do you want a traditional fish taco, or one of the more modern, gussied-up spins on it?

A traditional fish taco is really simple…corn tortilla, angle shark dipped in a tempura-style batter and deep fried. It is topped with shredded cabbage, “mayo” which is usually some variation on McCormick’s mayo + crema + lime juice, pico and salsa rojo. I prefer mahi or halibut for fish tacos as the flesh is firm and holds well as you eat it. Your mileage may vary.

There are, of course, a million on and one variations from that base. One of the taco joints featured in the taco chronicle episode is Taco Fish La Paz. They have a portable salad bar filled with toppings galore and on top of the salad bar is a small army of bottled taco sauces. I’ve eaten at the Taco Fish La Paz in Guadaluajara and it really was one of the best fish tacos ever, and probably the best shrimp taco I’ve ever eaten. Their salad bar contains the usual supsects like shredded cabbage and pico de gallo, but there were also chiles, cucumbers, hot carrots, a mango salsa and several other fresh salsas. They hand you the bare taco on a plate and you top it however you like.


I’ve learned from the taco Chronicles. I’ve been doing it all wrong . The battered fish is fried in LARD .


One of my friends parents have a taco shop in baja and she said they also do a sauce with Ketchup and Fanta! Wish i remembered what it went with!!

Yeah, the lard explains why fish tacos in Ensenada are so good.

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made me HUNGRY!!!1

all of the above.

never even heard of it.

Taco Chronicles…on Netflix. Original is in Spanish, but you can add English subtitles. I think it’s also available in English as well. The series is fabulous, well worth investing time in viewing.

Season 1 covers carne asada, carnitas, al pastor, tacos de canasta, barbacoa, guisados.
Season 2 covers, cabrito, conchinita, birria, fish tacos, tacos north of the border, burritos and suadero.

You will want all the tacos you see.

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Does the Taco Chronicle series have recipes?



No, though sometimes the footage is detailed enough that you can see exactly what they’re doing.

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