Fishing With Dynamite

Oh wow! It’s like that?!

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Dunno - but I’ve heard that I’m like that. :sleeping:

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Come for the multi-tier seafood tower, stay for the fucking key lime pie (@attran99, @Bookwich, @TheCookie, @Chowseeker1999).

oysters (fat bastard, wa; moon shoal, ma; spindrift, ma), peruvian scallops, jumbo shrimp, pei mussels, atlantic lobster, alaskan king crab legs

new england clam chowdah’, neuske’s bacon, weiser farm potatoes, house made oyster crackers

steamed price edward island mussels, white wine, butter, shellfish stock, herbs, baguette

fwd fries, rosemary, malt vinegar mayo
diy moules frites

key lime pie, graham cracker crust, italian lime meringue


Great pics and report @PorkyBelly! :slight_smile: We keep wanting to try FWD, but then I think about the beach traffic and decide to go somewhere else. :sweat_smile:

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Love this place. The tower looks dreamy. Did they serve the saffron aioli with the shrimp?

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The green lime makes it healthy.


New place for mussels? :wink:

yes but, ftc confession, i dipped my shrimp in the hot drawn butter and used the saffron aioli for the mussels.


the key lime pie is worth the drive and the seafood ain’t bad either.


And then you can walk down to the pier and go fishing.

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Or you can bang at MB Post, Arthur J and/or Love & Salt.


@PorkyBelly I’m drooling at the screen! SM seafood is so close to me, but I definitely prefer FWD.

@Chowseeker1999 Agree traffic is awful, but the Carmel/Monterey-like feel of MB makes up for it imo.


But only with dynamite.

Is Love & Salt still as good since Michael Fiorelli left last year? There’s also David Slay’s new place, where Darren’s used to be and, of course, Little Sister.

I think so? I can’t remember when he departed. I was last there in January, and everything was still very good. But if he left after, then I’m not sure.

I am kinda curious too I been kinda eyeballing that branzino, bone marrow pasta, and Nutella donut


They saw your post. :slight_smile:

I just read the article. I didn’t realize it was the recipe! :heart_eyes:

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