Flock and Fowl

Oh praise Jesus.

Jesus my F&F anguish never ends - they’re only open for lunch on Saturday/Sunday. Whomp whomp.

Dude maybe it wasn’t meant to be.

evidently this is now $2. so what’s the play here? Traditional hainan chicken and call it a day?

Classic Flock & Fowl Hainan Chicken 海南雞飯 (choice of Traditional or Roasted) 12.99

add a fried egg or Chinese sausage or bone broth +2/ea

The new location has poached Hainan chicken a meal with 2 sides. You can choose the broth as one side.

I usually get veggies and broth because the poached chicken with the rice and condiments is, in my opinion great on its own. I use the broth as a palette cleanser along with the cucumbers.

If anything, get an extra side of rice or two orders. The other apps are just okay, although people do like their fried chicken, which I haven’t tried yet.


This place was pretty awesome and worth the schlep. The chicken rice is the best I’ve had in the US, aside from mom’s cooking ;), but I’m no expert. The chicken itself was pretty good, though I like, say the plump hipster chicken at Little Fatty a bit more. But the whole (chicken, rice, sauces, pickled veggies) is fantastic. The broth was less chicken-y than I expected and had some acidity. It was good as a palate cleanser, like @A5KOBE mentioned.

This was the perfect meal with the Hitachino :slight_smile:

Also ordered the kaya toast with foie gras. Conceptually, this sounded amazing, but the kaya was a bit off IMO. It wasn’t as sweet as the canned stuff we know and love (the canned stuff can be too sweet), but there was a bitterness to it, almost as if it had been burnt.

Pea shoots as a side, they added some sweet sauce that threw off the balance of the dish.


Too bad on the execution…

Sweet sauce with pea shoots? Ehh keep it simple with some garlic.

Seems like they make their own kaya. What’s missing is some maggi and it should be soft boiled eggs!

But a plate of chicken rice and some of that Hitachino white ale! I can get with that! Would you say the chicken rice is better than anything in So Cal?



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Concur with @moonboy403


wings, garlic soy
I didn’t see anybody mention the chicken wings, they were pretty flockin great. They were huge and reminded me of korean fried chicken, not too saucy and crispy, juicy and tender. The garlic soy had a nice savory, sweet balance.

hainan chicken, chicken rice, 48 hour bone broth, pickled vegetables
All dark meat because #darkmeatmatters

extra chicken rice


Just adding on - stayed in DTLV last weekend for the first time. Made our way over here on a whim with a decent-sized group. Was really impressed with the Hainan Chicken, and especially with the rice. Group also loved the broth that came on the side, as well as the wings and the fried rice.

I guess I don’t have much to add except that this place remains very good and if you’re in downtown it’s way better than most other places nearby! And - for Vegas - great QPR as well.


Per Eater LV, Flock and Fowl closed 11/22. Too bad.