Florence Recommendations Needed

I would appreciate updated Florence recommendations and critique of my choices. Our 5th trip to Florence, some of the past favourites were Buca Dell’ Orafo, Taverna Del Bronzino, Il Guscio. We are a family of 5, so restaurants that take reservations are needed. Currently thinking of Cibreo, Coquinarius, probably return to Buca Dell’Orafo. But do need a few more. Don’t care about Michelin stars, but do care about great food and service. Thank you.

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It doesn’t seem like anyone has anything to add. But I appreciate the recs you just listed. :grinning: Which would you say are good for a first time trip for two?

Buca Dell’ Orafo for Bistecca Fiorentina!



@TheCookie Eat as much gelato as you can get your hands on; it’ll end up costing as much as what you’d pay for 2 medium cups in the US :wink:

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I keep hearing this but for some reason your advice puts an exclamation point on it @Sgee. :slightly_smiling_face: Lots of gelato everyday… check. I had a similar experience with Gumbo in New Orleans. I ate it everyday even at the airport.

All’antico Vinaio. Great sandwiches but long lines. They did a pop up at Mozza the other month and it was mobbed.

My favorite gelato place in Florence was Gelato Santa Trinita. We were there in May and they had great citrus flavor and a fantastic peanut flavor. There is literally a gelato shop up the street that was much more popular and well known I think Carrira. I went a minimum once per day and twice many times.

Had our best meals in Florence at Il Santo Bevitore and Il Latini. The pasta at Bevitore was great. Had great wine at a very good price. Come hungry to Il Latini. I know it’s kinda touristy but the bistecca Florentine and pasta was very good. The portions are unreasonably large for Florence.

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I had a so so dinner at Il Santo Bevitore.

I made my wife have wild boar pasta which she would never eat and she loved it. Might have been the wine talking.

I’ll have to go back. Was there in 2011
Off the beaten path through recommendations. Lunch was fabulous. Started with Trippa alla Fiorentina . The rest I just remember being in heaven.


Hi @js76wisco -

My cousin recommended Il Latini today. She said it is touristy and has a long line but once you get in the proprietors are really warm & fun and the Bistecca Florentine is great. I read a Yelp review where the person said they had so much fun they stayed until closing. I’m surprised about the portion sizes though. Everyone always says that’s an american restaurant trait.


Fact : My avatar picture you see was a fellow playing the accordion outside of the statue of David in Florence . I couldn’t see another statue or church. I crossed the street to have a beer and waited for my sister and family. I liked this photo.It captured the moment of exactly how I felt.


Ditto. Everybody was having a great time. The owners and servers spoke English very well and were very hospitable. A lot of communal tables so you can make friends with your neighbors. All of the food is served family style in big plates. The bistecca was excellent. The house wine was cheap, flowing like water and great quality. I’d certainly go back the next time we are in Florence.

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Great! It’s a plan!

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Thanks! I wondered about the story behind that photo.