Focus BBQ (South El Monte)

A: The only place in Los Angeles serving 烤冷面 (or Kao Leng Mian).

Q: What is Focus BBQ?

Make it a daily double and order up yourself some Dragon Beard Candy.

Also, for the non-sheepish, there’s pretty good skewered sheep testicles here.

Focus BBQ
2541 Rosemead Blvd
South El Monte

I dunno, it’s probably just me, but having had my fair share of Beijing street food in my travels, I find myself just not craving them that much when I return stateside…

Dragon beard candy, though, is another story.

It’s been too long since I had Dragon Beard Candy. I think the last times I had it was at some New Years festival somewhere in 626, and at that big Chinese/Asian festival at Pomona Fairplex

One of my favorite Chinese sweets/desserts besides grass jelly, black sesame, and red bean bun

What is so great about Kao Leng Mian?

Also, what is 炸鲜奶 Fried Milk ?

I was curious about this too, so I CTL+F’d 烤冷面 on their menu, and it looks like it’s listed under the Specialty Snacks as “Grilled Cold Noodle”

Edit: I misread your post and thought you were asking “What IS Kao Leng Mian.”

That’s cool, I was also sort of wondering what it was on their menu haha

The idea of noodles being grilled cold is intriguing, though.

I would still like to know what Fried Milk is!

It’s basically deep-fried custard. Here’s a pretty good pictorial essay on it.

As to your other questions - what’s so good about Kao Leng Mian - it’s not so much that it’s good or all that great, it’s just the rarity of it which makes it noteworthy this side of the Pacific Ocean.

I mean, seriously, unicorns aren’t all that tasty. But if I saw one on a menu, I’d let y’all know about it for sure.


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Almost like a Chinese version of fried cheese curds? That almost looks more exciting! haha

In the video of the Kao Leng Mian you posted it looks like they chop up hot dog type things in the noodles? Also, they use like 5 different seasonings, are those standardized in the dish? Any idea what they would be?

I think unicorn tastes pretty good personally, but everyone has their preferences. :smiley:


I can confirm


Thank goodness I know where to get my daily MDR of irony.

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We’re all pretty punny here.


I LOVE dragon beard candy! Or, at least, I used to. I think it’s been 10+ yrs since I last had it…

My trademark. My attorneys will be contacting you.

YO!!! i would tear that up

My contribution is that this should be visited after 3 beers at Progress Brewing

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Oh, NOW I get it. I’m so slow sometimes…

Says someone who didn’t point out pangolin dishes on the menu of one SGV restaurant.

Then again, neither did I.

I’ve seen fried milk on a few menus over the years. NYC Seafood in Monterey Park had it on their menu nearly a decade ago.

hmm, FTC poaching?

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Well, let’s ask @KatherineSpiers

Ha, nope! Great minds…

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