Food Fair by Diego is back on Beverly across the street from CBS

We used to go to this as a neighborhood spot for nice food. Owner/chef makes everything from scratch and food is fresh and delicious. We went there for years until he closed to do something else but it has been open for a year again.

It’s now breakfast and lunch, i’m looking forward to the breakfast burritos. The burgers and pulled pork sandwiches are a big hit there.

Here’s a fried chicken sandwich from today which makes me very happy #fuckchickfila

i added the spread separately


@attran99 to address your comment in a safe space lol… yes it’s nothing next level but shockingly it’s difficult to find good, comforting classics and standards in the neighborhood. There’s a need for this sort of spot around here. Certainly not a destination for you from OC

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That looks delicious. We tried it a while back ago…I can’t remember what we ordered but it didn’t leave an impression. I think we may have ordered wrong…I would gladly love that chicken sandwich.