Food for thought

Josh Lurie put together a good piece on his FoodGPS blog on why food sites should do away with “Cheap Eats posts.

There’s nothing wrong with people making good food at a fair price. Maybe she charges $7 for a kha soi because that’s what she thinks her customer base is willing to pay. Maybe there’s a lot of people who could never try kha soi if they had to pay $16 plus tax and tip for it. This kind of performative, woke self-flagellation in the foodie press got pretty tiresome years ago.

Seems fairly clueless. Lots of people will read “Cheap Eats” in a headline as “good food you can afford.” “High value” could be at any price point. How does that guy make his living?

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As far as I’m concerned, people who slang cheap eats are doing it because their target market is unable to pay more. The proprietors themselves are choosing the low price/high volume route because they believe it is their best chance for success. Mentioning them on a cheap eats list just helps them achieve the volume necessary to be profitable.

Every thing 2 bucks and under. Satisfying, tastes good . Your hustling. Capitalism at it finest . Grab a little piece of the pie. It’s a good thing.