Food Given to New Mothers After Delivery in Japan

While the contents are usually managed by a dietician, the taste of hospital-prepared meals in the U.S. is frequently used as an incentive for patients to go home.

But in Japan


She had TWELVE meals?!?!?!? Here in the US women typically go home the day after delivering, some times the same day. But the food is shocking in its difference to US hospital food.

From what I’ve gathered growing up, birthing and post-pregnancy care is treated way different in Asia. Hospital stays can definitely be longer than here in the States. It’s generally perceived that women who give birth need to be taken care of and pampered so they can recover. I’ve heard of some stories where they keep some new moms on bed rest for at least a month after giving birth. I’m not the least surprised by this article…only surprised it’s taken this long for it to hit the internet.
Following my own pregnancies, my Mom was all over me with her Asian old wives’ tales and home/herbal remedies. But I will say it was nice of Mom to help cook to make sure I was eating well enough to help with breastmilk production.

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I think here in the US it’s along the lines of “hey, there are sick people in hospitals!” :slight_smile: One of my daughters did request, when asked for some M. Hazan’s bolognese!