Food processors

Had to replace the blade for our old Cuisinart DLC-7. You can see how the old one’s socket has been deformed while the new one is nice and straight. They redesigned it slightly, instead of one of the blades being at the bottom it’s slightly above and there are no visible rivets. New blade is of course way sharper.

I’m tempted to buy some other replacement parts while they’re still in production.

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Cuisinart did a recall/replacement of the same kind of blade for our 10+ year old food processor and we thought of getting other replacements also. I think it’s probably worth it- the blade and grater insert are damn hard to sharpen and it’s annoying to think about dumping even a mediocre machine just because of dull parts.

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The blade being dull wasn’t a problem for us. Due to the socket being deformed, whenever the blade encountered much resistance the post would spin in the socket instead of spinning the blade.

Okay. So what else would you need to replace and why?

The bowl’s already cracked (though not yet leaking) so I ordered one. Cheaper direct from Cuisinart than from their Amazon store.

Also ordered a sheath because it was cheap and seems like it might wear out.

One improvement to the bowl: they’ve added a “liquid max fill” line.

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