Food trucks lined up on Miracle Mile 10 years ago, beginnings of the truck boom

These days I’m not so excited about chasing down any truck. If i see one where I’m hanging out, cool. They’re never a destination though and I’d rather just plop down at a restaurant. 8 years ago or so they got kicked out down to LACMA block and I almost never take the 2 block walk to them.

However it was fantastic 10 years ago these would line up right by our offices. Kogi was always here by the SBE building next to the shaved ice truck.

Just thought I’d share this time capsule find

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on the plus side, these days I can go to the Kogi truck, eat, and head out within 45 minutes.


Universal City/Bluffside stop on Tuesday’s.

There are still a handful of legit trucks that I visit when convenient.

95% of my “new gen” food truck experiences have been “that was meh and overpriced”


Yes. Though, when you work for a big office and have 5 options around that you’re really tired off, when trucks pulled up with even mediocre food we were quite happy about it. Korean burritos, bahn mi etc. These days id rather take a ride and have a great lunch

Looks like I talked myself for visiting my old friends today. First walk to trucks of 2019

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and boy am i glad i did!!! African Chop is great