France and French cuisine

I specialize in French cuisine and would be interested in discussing anything related. I live in France and Switzerland, but am also interested in French restaurants in other places.

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Welcome JenollGal.

You might also want to post a similar query on our international board (or “Rest of World”).

In any event, glad you’re here.

Bienvenue, Jonell. I love traveling to France, but I think you’ll find that most French restaurants in the US are not necessarily true French cuisine.

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Are we restricted to talking about French cuisine in the U.S. on this message board?

No, not at all.

Jonell, to be honest the title of this board can seem a little confusing. If you look at the top of the page, it says France and French cuisine – so it would seem that this specific message board is for exactly that: anything in France AND anything related to French cuisine (as in home cooking?) regardless of what or where.

But immediately below that, it says Rest of the world > France which would seem to me that this board would be geographically limited to restaurants which are IN France, and anything to do with preparing French cuisine in a home setting. That said, I would think if one were to discuss, for example, a French restaurant in Manhattan, it would be best discussed on the New York board.

Perhaps @robert will clarify.

The “France and French cuisine” topic was started on Site Feedback or somewhere. After I created the France board, I moved it here.

Thanks. If the board is only about French restaurants in the U.S., this forum is probably not for me, since I live in Europe. Be well.

This category is for France, not French food in the US.

@JonellGal – that’s what I thought.

@robert Thanks for the clarification – it’s the addition of " . . . and French Cuisine" which causes the confusion. Perhaps those words should be deleted?

This is just a topic, not a board.

Oh. Right. My bad. It’s the new layout and my inexperience with it. Sorry . . .

I think I’m not intelligent enough to use this site in the end. Thanks!

It’s a work in progress.