Francis Mallmann Returns to L.A. on Sept. 13th [Eater L.A.]

Per Eater LA

I went to this event last year and had a blast - Stood in line with Aesthete/Bacoman/Gourmand (and Jimmy Kimmel) and got our grub on.

BTW @matthewkang, Hotel Bel-Air isn’t a hilltop hotel; it’s located in the canyon. (Just making sure first-time visitors aren’t thrown off course in navigating Stone Canyon Drive…) :slight_smile:


Sounds like a good time. I’d never heard of him before I saw his Chef’s Table episode. A friend who has lived in Mexico for years told me he’s the celebrity chef on Spanish-language TV.

Not sure how popular he is on Univision, but dude is a straight up wizard when it comes to fire and meat.

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I don’t know how many times I have watched his video with him on his own private island in Patagonia cooking with fire. I absolutely love it.

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Mallmann is the GOAT of outdoor cooking, I may just look into this.

He was also in an episode of Mind of a Chef:


He did the fish cooked in salt dish for the last Bel Air outing - I hope he prepares it again this year.

I saw him do the fish in salt on TV and it seemed like you could do the same thing in an oven without much difference in the results.