Franklin BBQ (Austin, TX) - Brisket

Heated Snow’s (which did not come with instructions) @ 300F for 1 hour sealed in foil. Worked out perfectly.

I forget if I used foil or not but the 225F for 75mins per Franklin’s instructions was not sufficient to soften the fat completely for the jiggly consistency.

Make sure you watch the Franklin’s carving video before you dig in. You REALLY don’t want to slice it incorrectly …


So when are you going to break it open and let us know the greatness ? Looks nice .

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I’m still deciding how I want to break it down.

It’s going to be fun .

In stock today 2/7, ships 3/23. I can’t believe I just spent $250 on this but cheaper than gas.

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Expensive for barbecue, but a tiny fraction of what I’d have spent in restaurants if it hadn’t been for lockdown.

Sausages were great and the snappiest I’ve had outside of Germany. I could in good conscience ask Kiolbasa for my money back, similar regional style but better. Served with onion, homemade sauerkraut, and potatoes.

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I cut off the point and cut it in half like Aaron Franklin does in the video, cryovac’d the chunk, reheated in a 165° recirculating bath for 75 minutes. Best brisket I’ve had, great beefy flavor, incredible texture. So rich I was stuffed after two slices. Still not hungry 19 hours later.

I wonder if slicing while cold before cryovacing would work or if it would just crumble?