Free Baseball Steak at Pacific Dining Car

They’ve extended the offer.

No trick - just sign up, get back an email, make a reservation and go.

I made a reservation, as did my husband, and we went and dined together. We went for lunch. I really enjoy going there - no loud or bad music (was assaulted by the worst playlist last time we were at Lukshon), very good service and big booths. It’s also a great place for meetings. Private.

We each got our free steak rare. It comes with bone marrow, though sometimes the piece has little marrow. Mine had a nice slab of marrow that I slathered on my steak.

Ordered too many sides, but made for great leftovers.

always like their sweet potato fries (better than their regular, imo)

they have great creamed spinach (Musso & Frank has not so good)

lobster mac and cheese - wayyy overkill food-wise, but I love theirs reheated and topped with hot sauce!

Made for a colorful meal!

Tipped on the bill as if we had paid for the steaks.

Enjoy if you go!


Are the sides extra? There are no prices on the web menu.

Is the sky blue?

Looks tempting. wtf is a baseball steak?

Basically a really tough cut of beef. Bring your diamond cut dentures.

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Yeah, obviously, I just wonder how much “free” costs.

More than your father’s “free

The upper part of a top sirloin, aka filet of sirloin.

I’ve only ordered it once before, accidentally, when I got it mixed up with a cowboy steak. For dinner, I’l always go for their cowboy, a bone-in rib eye, but for lunch, with their bernaise sauce, this is a nice cut.

Does each person dining have to sign up separately and make separate reservations, or can one person sign up and get every person in their party a free steak?

Pretty much all steakhouses charge extra for any side. At lunch, here, I think the cowboy comes with fries, but other than that, it’s all extra.

Has to be separate. The waiter explained that he just got a list of who had signed up for a free steak, just one name per reservation. He said people could always sit together, but each needed a separate reservation.

I ordered the baseball steak many years ago when I didn’t know what it was. It was maybe the worst steak I’ve had from a steakhouse. Free is free, but I’m not going out of my way for it.

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“Get yourself a baseball steak!”

-Evil Cop Denzel

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Filet mignon is the most boring cut of beef.

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iirc, the last time i was there a baked potato cost $15.
(that should give you an idea)

Right, what was I thinking. Because a baseball steak is the life of the party.

Sirloin has a lot of flavor, though since it’s tough it should really be sliced as in this recipe rather than served as a hunk: