Fresco (Burbank)

As you sit there puzzled “where the eff is this place” and while I sit here composing this thinking "should it go under “confessions,” this is where we enjoyed our lunch yesterday while watching the first half of the Warriors game.

So, after going through TSA Precheck, with no line, we had over an hour to kill at the Hollywood Burbank Airport (everything old is new again…). I noted that game time was about 5 minutes out, a table at the elegant Fresco opened up, and we self-seated at a table laden with the prior patrons’ used beverage ware. Within minutes, a server came and bussed the table, and then brought us menus … and not just any menus, but menus bound in a proper book form. After perusing the menu (and in absolutely no rush) we each ordered a glass of wine. While the wine prices are what I’ll call “not low” one can order a 6oz or 9oz pour, so at least the pours are “not short.”

After the wine arrived, we ordered a smoked turkey sandwich. It came with cheese, some garlicky sauce, if I recall, tomatoes and some other herbs. On the side were some fresh-cooked potato chips. The food arrived in a “to go” container, but our excellent server brought us two paper plates and plastic utensils should we need for our “not to go” dining. Water arrived with a near-illegal plastic straw.

Did I mention the napkins? I think not. With the wine came a stack of cocktail napkins. With the water, more napkins. And with the food, more (not-cocktail) napkins. There were so many napkins that even having used napkins, there must have been 10 left when we were done.

We ate slowly. We sipped our wine slowly. With a tip, we were out of there for slightly under $50 for an acceptable deli sandwich and two glasses of wine, and a stack of napkins. We stretched out that dining delight for a full two quarters. Halftime? Time to go.

And now you know where Fresco is in Burbank.

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