Fresh, Bright Farmers Market-Driven Street Food - Guerrilla Tacos (the Brick & Mortar) - Grand Opening! [Thoughts + Pics]


Hi @CiaoBob,

Thanks for the great report back. It’s encouraging to hear that Week 2 things are improving for the new operation. Hopefully Chef Wes found quality help in the kitchen to bring his recipes properly to life (which it sounds like he did).

It also is encouraging that perhaps Chef Wes is reconsidering his original stance of only changing the menu once per quarter (that Pork Char Siu Taco is new). Or maybe that’s just a “Special” he’s hinting at? We’ll have to go back and see.

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Just got an email they’re now serving lunch Thursday through Sunday.


Her shoes are great. She looks like she has hoofs instead of feet. So cool. :slight_smile:


Same here. I’ll post my report soon but they were on point today for lunch

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Just realized I never got around to posting my lunch report for Guerrilla. Long story short, everything was as good or better than what we had on the truck.


These were good – well seasoned and fried – but probably the least interesting thing we tried.



We both really enjoyed the char siu pork and smoked short rib. The char siu has replaced the carnitas on the menu but retains the pineapple chunks for a nice sweet/savory flavor. The short rib has replaced the brisket – it’s smoked perfectly and super tender. I didn’t get to try the sweet potato, but my friend echoed the praise of others, saying he liked it better than the truck version.


But the real revelation was the lamb kebab. Holy hell was this good. It comes with two skewers of meatballs (only one is pictured) plus two flour tortillas to wrap them. The tortillas seem to be handmade and the meatballs … the meatballs are perfection. Like, remember the lamb meatballs I raved about from Dune? Fuck those meatballs. These put them to shame.


He’s been adding some new things to the menu, testing out some new items. Last time I was there we had smoked swordfish, hard shell tacos.

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Goddannit Bigmouth at least let me try the ones from Dune first before saying stuff like this.

Username checks out.


Lamb was killer.


Hi @Bigmouth,

Thanks for the report back! Two of our friends said they chatted with Chef Wes during the first week to give their feedback as well (which was similar to ours). Hearing your report that he’s replaced the “Carnitas” with a more interesting sounding Pork Char Siu Taco and the so-so Brisket with a more tender Short Rib is great news. :slight_smile:

Glad to hear he’s willing to make changes if something can be improved (which was more apparent in the weekly-changing taco truck, but originally not here at the brick & mortar).

Can’t wait to try the Lamb! :slight_smile:

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Update 2:

New Autumn 2018 Menu

It had been a while since we last stopped by Guerrilla Tacos’ new brick & mortar, mainly because Chef Wes Avila had said that their menu would only really be changing once a season (instead of weekly). They’d still have some weekly specials, but the majority of the menu would stay the same per season (which kind of took part of the magic away from Guerrilla for us).

With it being Autumn 2018 in full bloom, we wanted to see if their menu had changed for the season (it did). We were also curious how the menu would be after a few months of opening given the mixed reports from @ipsedixit @moonboy403 and others.

Agua Fresca - Yuzu Pineapple (Yuzu Juice & Pineapple Juice, Cane Sugar, Lime):

Fantastic! Not too sweet, and leave it up to Chef Wes to make an Agua Fresca with Yuzu Juice and Pineapple Juice and Lime, a fitting compliment for Guerrilla Tacos’ offerings.

Sword Fish Taco (2) (Taco Licenciado, Chile Guero, Cabbage, Oaxacan Cheese, Cilantro):

Crispy outer Taco Shell (made with Organic Heirloom Tortillas) gives way to soft, but still meaty, moist Sword Fish meat. The Chile Guero was incredible, fragrant, immediate heat, but not overpowering, and the melted Oaxacan Cheese matched this perfectly. Wow. Highlight of the night! :heart:

This was classic, great Guerrilla Tacos cooking, and then we looked up and that was the reason why:

Chef Wes Avila was manning the stoves and preparing every single dish that came out of the kitchen tonight (unlike the early weeks where it seems he was just making sure the dishes were plated correctly). It seems his search for kitchen help hasn’t been that fruitful, and he’s in the kitchen cooking himself.

Beef Chile Colorado Taco (Braised Beef, Chile de Arbol, Pickled Onions, Pumpkin Seeds, Chives):

I’m glad to see Chef Wes remove the Grand Opening (Summer) Beef Brisket Taco in favor of this one. Taking a bite, super tender, moist Braised Beef, the Chile de Arbol was even more zesty and punchy than the Chile Guero from the Sword Fish Tacos), and the piquant from the Pickled Onions were the perfect foil. My 2nd favorite of the evening! :heart:

Chicken Taco (Chicken Ajonjoli, Sesame, Chives & Aged Cheddar):

This was another excellent Taco creation from Chef Wes: There was an enticing burnt Chile edge to the savory, nutty Chicken.

Pumpkin Taco (Burnt Tomato Chile, Habanero Chile, Halloumi Cheese, Dates, Candied Pecans, Parsley):

This sounded like a perfect Fall seasonal offering, and I was really excited after Chef Avila’s famous Sweet Potato Taco. Unfortunately it was the one miss of the night. :frowning: It wasn’t bad, but surprisingly the Pumpkin was just rather bland. Which is crazy, considering the Burnt Tomato Chile, Habanero Chile (which gave this a distinct, super hot spiciness), but beyond that? It tasted rather bland. Perhaps it was just this batch of Pumpkins?

Pocho Taco (Wild Boar, Crunchy Shell Taco, Pico de Gallo, Pine Nuts, Raw Tomatillo Chile, Chipotle Crema, Aged Cheddar):

As good as the Taco Truck. I love Hard Shell Tacos, and these are made with the Organic Heirloom Tortillas, giving way to meaty Wild Boar with that tart and fiery Raw Tomatillo Chile, fragrant Pico de Gallo and the creamy Chipotle Crema. :slight_smile:

Lamb Kebab (Pico de Gallo, Tomato Labneh & Flour Tortillas):

This was a more interactive experience, with you constructing your own “Lamb Kebab Tacos / Burritos” with the ingredients served separately:

The Lamb was nice and gamy, really well seasoned, and the Pico de Gallo and Tomato Labneh and some Pickled Vegetables brought balance to the dish, as well as the piping hot Flour Tortilla. This was delicious. :slight_smile:

Chef Wes kept the Tostadas from last season (Hamachi Tostada, Ahi Poke Tostada, etc.), but sadly the amazing Albondigas Soup is rotated off the menu, as are the wonderful Fried Oysters. :frowning: He’s added on 2 new Queso Fundido options as well.

Another Visit - New Breakfast Burritos!

Thanks for the heads up from @PorkyBelly, we decided to stop by and try out Guerrilla Tacos’ new Breakfast Burritos options! :grin: Served from 7:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. Monday - Saturday.

Located on the side of Guerrilla Tacos, Chef Wes has cut open a small Takeout Window directly from his kitchen to the outside(!).

There are 3 Breakfast Burrito options, with 2 of them overlapping (meat-based) and 1 veggie offering.

Veggie Breakfast Burrito (Fried Egg, Potato, Broccolini, Roasted Onions, Cheddar Cheese):

First things first: The Breakfast Burritos are massive. We had no idea, and it turned out they can feed 2 hungry people, or 3 not so hungry people. :sweat_smile:

Anyone who’s tried enough of Chef Wes’ Vegetable offerings at Guerrilla Tacos (Food Cart and Food Truck) will know that he can deliver some pretty amazing offerings even without meat. This Veggie Breakfast Burrito did not disappoint:

The Fried Egg and Potato portion lent that familiar, satisfying base that you’re looking for in a good Breakfast Burrito, but then you get the earthy, vegetal aspect from the stewed Broccolini, slight sweetness from the Roasted Onions, and the Cheddar Cheese to bind it all together. :slight_smile:

Avo Bacon Breakfast Burrito (Bacon, Fried Egg, Beans, Avocado Salsa, Cheddar Cheese):

This was fine: You could taste the quality Bacon (more porcine, less salty than typical Bacon), the Eggs and Beans were tasty as well, along with Avocado Salsa and Cheddar Cheese, but together, it tasted like the sum of its parts, which is fine, but we were hoping for something more.

Fermented Chile Salsa:

However, when you add in the Fermented Chile Salsa (Free) with either Breakfast Burrito, that really elevated each dish to another level. That Salsa was incredible and really complimented both Burritos. :slight_smile:

Guerrilla Tacos seems to be even better than before (during its Grand Opening), with Chef Wes Avila personally cooking on our visit. Every dish was spot-on (sans the Pumpkin Taco), which felt more like @CiaoBob’s experience prior to ours, and the new Autumn 2018 menu has some nice changes from the Grand Opening menu.

During this season (until Winter), we’d probably go back for the Sword Fish Tacos, Chile Colorado Tacos (with tender, delicious Braised Beef), the Wild Boar Taco and Lamb Kebabs. There was an option to add Foie Gras to the Braised Beef Taco (for only $3 more), but they were sold out, so we’ll have to try that next time (Chef Wes is a master with Foie Gras).

It seems that the hiccups experienced by @ipsedixit @TheCookie during the first week might be alleviated with @CiaoBob’s visit and our own most recent one. Hopefully we get to try more of Chef Wes’ personal cooking for the time being (but I feel bad because he was so swamped cooking for an entire restaurant this time, compared to the smaller audience in his Taco Truck). :wink:

Guerrilla Tacos (Restaurant)
2000 E. 7th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90021
Tel: (213) 358-7070


Maybe it’s time for another visit! Thanks for reporting back.


Seems so @Chowseeker1999. Thanks for doing the leg work! :grinning:

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So glad you enjoyed the lamb as much as we did! The thing I really loved about this dish was the way it underscored the overlap and influence between Middle Eastern and Mexican foods.

Can’t wait to try those breakfast burritos too! Did they cut them in half or did you do that for purposes of pictures/sharing?


Hi @Bigmouth,

Yes! Definitely loved the nice mix of both Middle Eastern and Mexican flavors in the Lamb Kebab. :slight_smile:

The Breakfast Burritos - We asked them to cut them in half for us (to better show to everyone on FTC). :wink:


Update 3:

Partly due to the new Taco Journey we were on, but also because we wanted to see what Daily Special Chef Wes might’ve added to the Winter Menu, we decided to stop by Guerrilla Tacos…

Aguas Frescas: Pineapple Orange:

Ridiculous how fresh, vibrant and lightly sweet, but so fruity Chef Wes Avila’s Aguas Frescas are! :slight_smile: This Pineapple Orange was fantastic, tasting of real Pineapple and bright citrus. :slight_smile:

Mushroom Tacos (Portobello Mushrooms, Morita Chile, Oaxacan Cheese, Escabeche, Chives):

It’s hard to go wrong with slowly cooked down Portobello Mushrooms, the wonderfully complex Chile Morita Salsa, some natural bitterness from fresh Arugula and gobs of melted, gooey Oaxacan Cheese. If there is one minor quibble about this dish is that there was probably too much melted Oaxacan Cheese. Still tasty, but we would’ve preferred a little more balance.

Baja Fried Cod Taco (Tempura-Battered Wild Cod, Chipotle Crema, Pico de Gallo, Chile Japonese, Cilantro):

We had to see how Guerrilla Tacos’ version of the Fish Taco compared, now that Ricky’s is going downhill. First, it is not even close:

The quality of Chef Wes’ Fried Cod Taco is leagues ahead of Ricky’s Fish Tacos. Besides using Wild Cod (compared to Swai / Basa / Tilapia at Ricky’s), the flakiness, moist, delicate, perfectly cooked Wild Cod blows it away. It’s lightly sweet, bright and delicious! :blush:

In addition with Ricky being so cheap these days (and secretly cutting down the size of his Fish Taco), Chef Wes’ Fried Cod Taco is easily 200 - 250% of the size of Ricky’s and Guerrilla charges $5 compared to Ricky’s $3.50.

The flavor is very good, however, Chef Wes’ assistant line cook (who was prepping all our food today) used too much of the Pickled Cabbage, which made it way too tart. But eating less of it and the Cod itself and the sauces (the Chile Japonese with Chipotle Crema) made this Fish Taco standout. :slight_smile:

Chile Colorado + Foie Gras Taco (Braised Beef, Chile de Arbol, Chives, Pepitas):

We had this from the very last batch of Foie Gras that Chef Wes had before the ban. The Chile Colorado Braised Beef was luscious, nicely seasoned and tender. The Foie Gras added a nice lusciousness, but it was fine without it actually. Still at only $3 additional for the Foie, it wasn’t a bad add-on.

Another Visit:

Complimentary Sparkling or Flat Filtered Water:

One thing that might be easy to miss: Chef Wes offers complimentary Sparkling (or Flat) Filtered Water. It should be noted this is the same system that some restaurants charge the customer $5 - $8 (per person) for(!). Here, it’s free. :slight_smile:

Oxtail & Fries (Braised Oxtail, Tallow Fries, Garlic Aioli):

What should’ve been incredible was unfortunately undermined by the lack of Chef Wes in the kitchen (FYI, it seems Saturday Lunch (at least for our last 3 Saturday Lunch visits), is not when Chef Wes is in the house). The lunch orders were being prepped by his new assistant line cook.

And the Oxtails were not this line cook’s forte: They were tender, but a total salt bomb. :cry: The Beef Tallow Fries were nice and piping hot and crisped, though.

Albondigas Taco (Chicken Meatballs, Stewed Tomato Salsa, Castelvetrano Olives, Parsley):

Nice, deep stew flavor, slow-cooked, tender Chicken Meatballs, lovely Olive flavor and the Stewed Tomato Salsa to finish it off. :slight_smile:

Baja Fried Cod Taco (Tempura-Battered Wild Cod, Chipotle Crema, Pico de Gallo, Chile Japonese, Cilantro):

To make sure it was consistent, and to tackle the flavors better, this follow-up visit, we scraped off some of the Pickled Cabbage, and the Fried Cod Taco was perfect! :blush:

Still amazing quality Wild Cod Fish, perfectly fried, flaky, moist, tender, lightly sweet, bright, and still easily 250% of the size of Ricky’s Fish Tacos nowadays, for a superior Fish Taco and better QPR (as @Ns1 pointed out before), Guerrilla is now the place to for Fish Tacos.

(Special) Hawaiian Blue Prawn Taco (Three Head-On Hawaiian Blue Prawns, Pancetta, Mojo Negro, Flour Tortilla, Cabbage, Avocado Sauce, Cilantro):

Wow was this crazy good! :heart: Perfectly cooked through, meaty, plump, the Mojo Negro Salsa was smoky, complex, medium heat, and the sweetness with the Hawaiian Blue Prawns and Housemade Salsa and Sauces from Chef Wes made this a winner! :heart: (@PorkyBelly)

Another Visit:

Hanger Steak Taco (Jack Cheese, Chile Molcajete, Charred Chile, Avocado Salsa):

This was juicy, a nice medium doneness, and clearly a quality cut of Steak, but it lacked the deep smokiness of the Carne Asada Tacos of Tire Shop Taqueria and Tacos Los Poblanos.

(Special) Braised Lamb Shank:

With a larger, professional kitchen (instead of his food truck), Chef Wes and his staff are now able to put out a Daily Special such as the Braised Lamb Shank.

A nice hunk of slow-braised Lamb Shank, it was served tender-firm, not quite super-tender level, but still delicious. It was quite savory and delicious by itself, but it went even better with their…

Housemade Laffa Bread. :slight_smile: This was a thicker, medium density Bread, served made-to-order, piping hot, and pan griddled. It paired so well with the Lamb Shank, evening out the flavors.

Fried Chicken Cemita (Avocado, Panela Cheese, Chile de Valle, Dashi Ranch, Cabbage Slaw):

Is it Chef Wes joining the Howlin’ Ray’s Fried Chicken Sandwich craze? Or is it just a coincidence and it’s just a take on the classic Pueblan Sandwich? :wink:

Either way, with Chef Wes Avila’s pedigree, we were hopeful this newly added menu item might turn out to be a respectable Fried Chicken Sandwich.

First in classic Cemita style, there’s this large Sesame Seed Bun. It feels a bit too hefty to match the crunchy Fried Chicken center. However, taking a bite with all the elements together, it’s crunchy, a little creamy, a touch of spice from the Chile de Valle, a bit of refreshing crunch from the Cabbage Slaw. This tasted like a legit, alternate take on the Fried Chicken Sandwich, with a nod to Mexican flavors. :slight_smile:

What prevented this from becoming legendary was the overly hefty Bun, too much creamy Sauce, and just lack of that perfect savory execution that makes Chef Zone’s Howlin’ Ray’s Sando what it is. But on its own? This is a solid Fried Chicken Sandwich with a twist (@TheCookie). :slight_smile:

(Special) Beef Cheeks:

Perhaps the greatest menu addition over the last couple of months at Guerrilla Tacos might very well be the simply named Beef Cheeks dish that was added to their Specials Menu a few weeks ago. It starts with the sublime, clean Beef Broth that the Beef Cheeks arrive in. Tasting like a reflection of Chef Wes Avila’s classical French culinary training and his Mexican heritage, it’s like a clear, lucid, bright “Beef Consomme” but crossed with a Caldo de Res. The Broth is incredible! :blush:

But then you take a bite of the Beef Cheeks, which almost melts in your mouth when you bite into it! Fantastic! :heart:

It’s super tender, succulent, luscious, delicate, and just a bite of the Beef Cheeks, a sip of the amazing Beef “Consomme / Caldo de Res” hybrid Soup and it’s already heaven. :heart:

But then you add some of the pillowy soft Beef Cheeks onto the freshly made-to-order Flour Tortillas (piping hot!), and a bit of the Housemade Chile de Arbol & Tomato Salsa and take a bite…

Wow! :blush: :heart:

Definitely a must order if you see it on the Specials Menu! (@J_L @PorkyBelly @JeetKuneBao @Ns1 and others). :slight_smile:

Another Visit:

(Special) Lamb Shoulder Taco:

This was incredible! A Daily Special that Chef Wes added, the marinated Lamb had nice zesty notes of Cumin, Pepper and other spices. It was meaty, but not chewy, sufficiently tender but with some heft, and the Tahini Dressing, Cucumbers, Onions, and the Housemade Puffed Flour Tortilla made for a fantastic mouthfeel for this Lamb Taco! :blush:

(Seasonal) Lobster Quesadilla:

Woo hoo! It’s back! Chef Wes Avila brought back his best Quesadilla from his Guerrilla Taco Truck days: The Lobster Quesadilla! (@ipsedixit @J_L @PorkyBelly @A5KOBE)

It’s slightly different compared to the truck days: In the truck, the Quesadillas were always a bit uneven - sometimes way too much Cheese, unevenly fried at times (on that tiny flattop), maybe a touch too oily depending on how busy it got.

Now with a full kitchen and more space and equipment, the Lobster Quesadilla is served open-faced (you can fold it over if you want), it’s much more evenly heated and seared, and there’s still a TON of Lobster meat here. :blush:

The other difference is Chef Wes changed up the flavors slightly, besides the amazing Chile de Valle Salsa, he’s using Clarified Butter (to give it a more classic American taste to it), and he threw on a Sunny Side Up Egg (because why not?). :smile:

It’s delicious overall and I’ll be sad when he rotates it off the menu for Spring.

Guerrilla Tacos seems to be settling in nicely, with Chef Wes Avila still able flex some creative muscles and bring some of the capricious and exciting dynamic qualities of the old Guerrilla Tacos Stand and Truck to the brick and mortar restaurant through the changing Daily Special slot. While the majority of the menu remains static through an entire season, there are still standouts worth trying each season of course.

But look for the Daily Specials and the Seasonal Quesadilla menu slots for exciting additions such as the Lamb Shoulder Taco, and the Braised Lamb Shank. The Lobster Quesadilla is a must order for this season, and if you see the Beef Cheeks on the Specials menu, don’t miss out on this wonderful, sublime dish.

Guerrilla Tacos (Restaurant)
2000 E. 7th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90021
Tel: (213) 358-7070


Yum @Chowseeker1999! Sounds like it’s time for another visit.

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Update 4:

Still recovering from our SF trip, we’ve been taking it easy, but I just had to go and look at a post by @Ns1, and suddenly we found ourselves standing in front of Guerrilla Tacos. :wink: :smile:

Agua Fresca - Horchata:

The Agua Fresca (be sure to ask what the flavor of the day might be) today was a Housemade Horchata. Chef Wes Avila’s Horchata is refreshing, not overly sweet and creamy smooth. :slight_smile:

Shigoku Oysters (1/2 Dozen):

Nicely briny, a punch of salinity and brightness from a squeeze of Lemon, these were a nice starter.

One interesting menu note: Chef Wes is aiming to do more Specials (2 - 3) more often, instead of changing out the entire menu every season (@PorkyBelly @J_L @Ns1 @CiaoBob and others). On this visit there were 4 Specials being offered, so we tried all of them.

(Special) Lamb Birria Tacos + Consome:

Instead of Birria de Chivo (Goat) or de Res (Beef), Chef Wes is going for Borrego (Lamb)! :open_mouth: I haven’t seen Birria de Borrego very often (@Dommy), but suffice to say in the hands of Chef Wes (who was in the kitchen, cooking tonight), it was fantastic! :blush:

Juicy, succulent, tender Stewed Lamb, lightly spicy, aromatic. Excellent! :slight_smile:

But what was even better, was the Lamb Consome that came with it! A gorgeous Lamb Stew flavor, some gaminess, but warming (great for the cool evening), and not overly salty like too many Consome we’ve tried these days (noted in the Taco thread). Seriously, outstanding Lamb Consome! :heart:

(Special) Chicken Burrito:

Normally seeing “Chicken Burrito” listed on a menu is cause for a “Meh” :expressionless: reaction. :smile: But knowing Chef Wes was in the house, and what he can do with quality ingredients and his classical cooking background, we were hopeful this was something more.

And it was. :slight_smile:

Tender morsels of Chicken cooked in an Almond Mole Sauce(!), it was so balanced, nuanced, and just an awesome elevated Chicken Burrito! One of the best we’ve had in a while. :blush:

For Chili Heads, watch out for the Chef Wes’ Housemade Habanero Salsa. This was lethal! :scream: A small dab of the Habanero Salsa and I couldn’t feel my tongue for a good 5 minutes. :sweat_smile:

(Special) Wood-Fired Grilled Vermilion Fish:

And then the Special that pulled us out of our SF trip stupor, Chef Wes Avila is doing a Wood-Fired Grilled Fish Special these days! (thanks @Ns1) From the Instagram photo it looked like it might be his take on Pescado Zarandeado, but he says it’s just his take on doing a Wood Fired Grilled Fish the way he likes to eat it. :slight_smile:

The first thing to note is just how perfectly cooked the Vermilion is. This Wood-Fired Grilled Fish dish shows off Chef Wes’ cooking skills. It is so moist, flaky, bright, smoky, with the Vermilion being supple and tender and mouth-wateringly delicious! There’s a pleasing smokiness that pervades every bite of this Vermilion, more noteworthy than Sergio’s legendary Pescado Zarandeado that we FTC’ers loved so much before he left.

Taking a bit of the Wood-Fired Grilled Vermillion, adding in some of Housemade Avocado Salsa (or the Molcajete Salsa):

and you have one of the best Fish Tacos (Non-Fried) you’ve ever tasted! Outstanding! :heart:

While this isn’t Pescado Zarandeado, those of us missing Sergio’s creation can take solace in enjoying an incredible Wood-Fired Grilled Fish variation by Chef Wes (@paranoidgarliclover @Dommy @JeetKuneBao @Ns1 @attran99 @PorkyBelly and others). :blush:

(Complimentary) Black-Eyed Peas:

When you order the Wood-Fired Grilled Fish Special, it comes with a complimentary side. For this evening, Chef Wes was doing a side of “Frijoles,” but instead of the standard Pinto Beans, this was made with Black-Eyed Peas, done in a non-traditional manner, tasting like something befitting a Summery menu for a European Bistro: Earthy, yet still incredibly light and vibrant, not heavy, a touch of piquant, lightly herbal, it was awesome! :heart: One of the best Legume sides we’ve had in a while as well.

We’re excited to see what other Specials Chef Wes is going to be doing going forward. The new style is interesting - going with more Daily Specials, more often - and keeping the main menu intact. If it results in what we got with items like the Lamb Birria Tacos and Consome, the Chicken Burrito (with Almond Mole), and the Wood-Fired Grilled Whole Fish? We’ll be back, more often, like the OG days.

Guerrilla Tacos (Restaurant)
2000 E. 7th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90021
Tel: (213) 375-3300


so I guess in recent days for the fish special he’s had

  • black bass
  • snapper
  • vermilion
  • sea bream

Evidently he’s also been slanging a braised lamb shank.


That fucking fish just jumped to the top of my must eat list, thanks for the rec @Chowseeker1999.


Oh, BTW, make sure to call ahead and reserve a fish if you can (or make sure they have plenty). When we went, we got the last Vermilion before it was sold out. I hope you like it! :slight_smile: