Fresh, Wonderful, Delicious Veggies - The Vegetable Whisperer - Gjelina

Warrior: I love Gjelina. I haven’t been in a few years, but I am happy to report that it was even better today than I had remembered. I think Gjelina is the best restaurant in LA in its price range. I wouldn’t oppose an argument that Gjelina has the best pizza in LA. The cheeseless mushroom pizza with garlic confit was delicious. All the vegetable dishes were spot on. Kanpachi crudo and heirloom bean stew were also good. The fact that Michelin didn’t give Gjelina a plate or Bib Gourmand is appalling.

Peony: I liked all the dishes today. They emphasize simple flavors and make the dishes very elegant. I liked that the thin crust pizza had no cheese, as that made the mushroom flavor the leading role of the toppings. I think the only dish I wasn’t particularly impressed by was the bean stew.


Finally made it to Gjelina. One of the pricier meals we’ve had since moving here and my 14yo is now at home eating a few Costco chicken sandwiches to fill up. But the food was delightful.

My kids are not veggie-friendly but absolutely devoured the beans with crisped prosciutto and japanese sweet potato with jalapeno yogurt. The former was a fine, homey and soul warming dish, but the latter blew us all away. Slightly crispy skins with creamy insides, the sweetness of the potato balanced by the sourness of the yogurt and interrupted by the spicy bite of jalapeno. So good, I could have ordered another one, but there were too many dishes to try. King oyster mushrooms were roasted / charred (a bit much for my liking) and adorned simply with light butter. Good but something I could make pretty easily at home, which at $15 a plate sort of made me regret not trying something else.

The lamb pizza! Everyone talks about it and I was excited to try it. Me and my 2 sons devoured this. The sausage was gamy and flavorfull, but its the crust that makes my eyes loll back with satisfaction. So light, airy, perhaps a bit too charred (persistent theme, I know others likes this, but it’s just not my bag…) I could eat this crust all day and actually did save a piece to dunk in a later dish (the mussels and clams.)

The homemade chorizo pizza with fennel and chili was another favorite. Chorizo was delicious and the fennel was so thinly sliced to be translucent and I think the baking eliminated the strong fennel taste my kids were afraid off so all it added was a slight sweetness. I can’t wait to try their other pizzas.

Last dish was a tossup between the anchovy and burrata toast or the mussels and clams. We went with the latter and I could have used a whole basket of toasted baguette to soak up the juices. Delicious although I wish we had ordered the anchovy and burrata toast.

Finally, for dessert, we shared the bread pudding. Sweet, adorned with persimmon and pomegranate seeds but somehow not too rich. I barely got a bite but the rest of the family loved it.

Sadly for the kids, the price point is just a touch too high for them to make the cut next time we go :wink: As we let, my wife told the kids to take one last look and store the memory away until they can afford to go themselves, lol.

TL;DR - Gjelina does wonderful, amazing things with vegetables. And agree with @PeonyWarrior that they make some of the best pizzas in LA!