Fried Chicken Sandwich - Delivered

Ok, this is about a specific local restaurant, but here for a general discussion on the topic. 4505 in SF has started pop-up delivery of their fried chicken sandwich to the East Bay.

"The sandwich’s chicken is partially breaded with chicharrones, topped with house-made pickles and mayo, and served on a potato roll. To make it “Yum Yum-style,” diners should request to add 4505’s pickled market slaw and house white barbecue sauce. Or, you can order it spicy by having it dipped in the restaurant’s spicy-hot chicken blend.

Delivery to the East Bay is available weekdays all day and Friday-Sunday from noon on until 11 p.m."

I cannot imagine I want to eat a fried chicken sandwich that will be no less than an hour old before arriving at my humble doorstep, no matter how good it might have been as it left the prep counter. Could this possibly survive? I don’t even get drive-thru or to-go burgers because … well, why would you? At least with regular Fried Chicken, you can put it in the oven to reheat. Who the eff is ordering these things? People who stand in line for an hour to taste an ice-cream filled doughnut?

Who the eff orders a fried chicken sandwich for delivery?

  • Homebound seniors who wish for a taste but have no loved ones to take them.

  • Cancer patients who are enduring treatment in isolation rooms and cannot leave their confines.

  • Busy workers who are unable to break away off site for a meal.

… maybe the couriers use insulated carriers for the ride to their customers to minimize quality loss. Who knows?

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You worry too much.

People line up for often cold fried chicken at Bakesale Betty’s.

To me, the major downfall for delivery is all the add-ons. Gotta be limp as a…well, limp!

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I would simply tell them to put the chicken on the side. It’s not rocket science. :roll_eyes:

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The science is that these sandwiches are going to be 60+ minutes old by the time you get them. Sandwich on the side. Spicy hot chicken blend on the side. Yumyum style slaw and sauce on the side. Pickles and mayo on the side.

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Actually it’s the Oakland branch.

If they bread it with chicharron and, say, rice flour, maybe it stays crunchy. Though it seems like a lot of people like soggy fried chicken.

BTW - Nothing wrong with cold fried chicken, in my book. In fact, when straight outta the fridge, other (good) flavor profiles opens up. I suppose it’s an acquired taste.

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Cold fried food is goooood. Not French fries, but battered food, yum.

Shiver. I don’t like cold fried chicken. Room temp…maybe.

I am thinking about trying the chicharron/rice flour combo and making my own.

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The question for me is why anyone would order from 4505. I found their BBQ and sides to be so sub-par that it turned me off from eating their stuff. I never really understood the hype around their burger either, which was just OK.

in a different life I worked as a delivery driver. You’d be surprised at how many people order things like FRIES or SHAKES and expect them to magically appear to their door as it came from the restaurant.

Sorry bruh, here are your cold julienned potatoes and cookies & cream milk.


I do. Wes Burger’s hot chix is ok with a quick reheat.