Fritzi Coop - Anyone been?

Has anyone tried this place? It looks delicious! And almost guilt-free! And will you look at those potato waffles!

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I have. I wasn’t a huge fan. Actually thought it was very bland chicken and the batter was too much of what is normally a good thing. Overall, meh.

Tots tho!

I haven’t been and would normally be excited, as I’m a chicken lover. But I was bummed when I saw Fritzi Dog gone. Hot dogs are my guilty pleasure. And they’re one of the few places that make them without all the crap and they still taste delicious. But I’m sure I’ll frequent Coop. If they can make a hotdog that good then hey…



those tots are really good! (I’m glad they carried them over from the Fritzi Dog menu!)

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I was there yesterday and had The Classic fried chicken sandwich. A big piece of chicken breast is really not exciting. It was well cooked but kind of boring. I wish more places used thighs.


Now my bummed is turning into irritation. People don’t seem to love the food at Coop. Why Frasers? Why?

Okay @LAgirl. I’m not asking for inside info. Well, maybe I am. But it looked like Fritzi Dog did good business. Am I wrong?

I’m not sure (I work w/ the marketing dept, not the merchants). Maybe they just wanted to try a new concept. I think they might do fried chicken @ the Fritzi restaurant in the Arts District too. Maybe they thought w/ all the “new” fried chicken places around town that this was better that hot dogs?

Yah… I thought I’d give it a shot anyway :wink:. Yep, fried chicken is having a renaissance, so to speak. I actually started a thread (which needs updating). But gosh darn… did they have to take my Fritzi Dog away? That’s not really a question. I’m just sayin’. We loved getting a dog before a movie. If they weren’t so messy we would have tried to smuggle them in :grin:.


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Although not the same type of hot dog, I believe Phil’s Deli has flat top grilled deli style hot dogs. Their stall is in the middle of the Market.

Don’t get the Naked Fried Chicken, it’s basically lightly fried chicken with no seasoning.

Ohhh… alright. If I have too :disappointed:. I do like them grilled.

[quote=“BlurA14, post:11, topic:4747, full:true”]
Don’t get the Naked Fried Chicken, it’s basically lightly fried chicken with no seasoning.
[/quote]This place is sounding better and better.

[quote=“supabaker, post:1, topic:4747”]
And will you look at those potato waffles!
[/quote]They do look yummy. So there’s that.

I tried their dog hut a couple times and was completely turned off by them having little seasoning and less taste. At least have a spiced-well Hebrew National or if lucky, a Vienna Beef. Someone mentioned Phil’s. Don’t usually go but I have had their dog and it’s good but I don’t know the brand. Actually, the Specials at Nate & Al’s are probably the best out here. Pick them up and grill at home.

Tried the chicken sandwich last week. Pimento cheese. Great crust. And those 'hash brown" waffles were delicious.

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I had that Chicken Sandwich with Pimento Cheese! Tasty. Can’t say the same about the beer at Arts District Brewing Company. I wish they played a endless loop of Crazy Gideon commercials.

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Oh… now that’s a good tip!

Try the hot dogs here. They are seriously good.

Yes they are. I live in Culver City and keep forgetting about them.