FTC Confessions

It’s actually not available at all Costcos. It’s a local decision made by each warehouse. In my area, the Norwalk location will act confused (and say no) when you ask for sauerkraut, but when you visit Lakewood, Cypress, and La Habra…it’s handed to your without missing a beat.

I put ketchup on food truck burritos. Not a big deal. Salsa is so boring now .

Thanks. It’s not something we usually asked for. Also I forgot pickle relish.

Again this is just me and my personal preferences but you shouldn’t put any soy sauce on white rice. It’s meant to be eaten with other dishes around you whether its ban chan, lobster with green onions or a piece of grilled fish. It’s akin to people who don’t even taste a dish and just pour salt or black pepper on top of the dish.


except when you’re poor, in which case you’re eating white rice and soy sauce

but to further your point for Cath’s benefit: white rice is supposed to be a bland counterpart to something salty. so if you’ve already got a salty entree/protein/side/whatever to eat with your rice, why add soy sauce to said rice?


Totally. In addition, GOOD white rice has a flavor (and texture) all its own that would be a shame to drown out with soy sauce.

Find some good rice that has not been sitting around too long and cook it right and you will not need soy sauce. Enjoy it on its own merits and as a counter point to the other flavors of your meal.

Here is a whole thread about good rice: California grown Tamanishiki, Koshihikari rice shootout?


Thanks. Now that I think about it I don’t think that I do put it or anything on rice.

We always tell our daughter to think if it would be possible to come up with a solution by herself before asking others to help - perhaps you should do something similar



Until this was mentioned I’d never had any reason to think there was anything that needed a solution. I eat a number of rice dishes that have something over them, i.e., gravy, salsa, pan sauce. And now I’ve learned something new. And I love learning something new. Every day.

Are you my wife? She goes like unreasonably bonkers when she sees people just indiscriminately pouring soy sauce over good white rice.

Total tangent - I don’t believe the whole thing about brown rice being healthier than white rice either. Tell that to all the people living over 100 in Japan and Okinawa. I have many relatives and Asian friends who have switched to brown rice in the past 3-5 years. Will never happen in my house.

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I actually dropped white rice from my regular diet due to diabeetus concerns. now, white rice in moderation only :frowning:

Sorry about that. I try to live by the everything in moderation rule.

You get more nutrients in brown rice.


FTC confession: For me, everything in moderation (including moderation).


Including moderation.

Please explain to her that there are people like myself who never knew.

Hahaha she would never make a peep. Honestly who cares as long as it tastes good to you or unless you are getting called out on the interwebs. I’m sure we all eat things that are gross/wrong to other people but as long as it works for you.


I’ll never do it again. Promise.

Being originally from the South, if I have black-eye peas they MUST be served over rice. We all have our foibles.

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I personally don’t like rice . Oh well . I do use it as a starch occassionally. Love it with Mae Ploy . I’m doing it all wrong . So what .

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