FTC Confessions


Call me crazy, but I’ve never really enjoyed eating (or drinking) while watching a movie in a movie theater. Typical concession fare included.


This was The Grove theatre. There is a bar just outside the ticket area. I wasn’t sure if we could bring their cocktails inside the theatre, but there was beer and ales on tap at the snack bar. Hootie hoo! Things sure have changed. In the olden days going to a movie was a cheap date. Now, except for the overpriced snack bar food, it’s turned into a kinda’ swanky, fun date.

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You probably have better attention span than most. I need diversions. Plus, it’s an excuse to eat junk food I’d feel guilty eating otherwise.


I was exactly this growing up. I didn’t need snacks or drinks. Spending the last 20 years dating and marrying my husband has broken me on movie nights.
@TheCookie Now I walk into the theatre with two cocktails while my husband carries the popcorn…a mix of Kettle and butter if they have it.

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You just described my next movie date.

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And I gather comfy reclining type chairs with drink holders.

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…and armrests that lift so 8 year old can snuggle. He loves his god mommy.

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I hate asian poultry dishes that have been chopped up with the bone in and leave tiny, sharp pieces of bone shrapnel everywhere. #turninginmyasiancard


When you come close to chipping a tooth or breaking a crown, that’s no joke.


My MIL’s trademark :rage:


My neighbor gave me sardines for my kitten. I ate the kitten’s sardines.


How I imagined that went


I used to catch shiners (perch-like fish) as live baits for striped bass fishing. If I skunk on bass, the shiner’s status gets upgraded from bait to dinner.


The sardines suddenly became much tastier after their name changed to iwashi.


“Oh yeah - I can taste the sardines on your finger you two-legged ingrate. You are no longer allowed in your home!”


“Oh, and here’s a hairball for you.”


"You’re welcome… "


I have gochujang and ssamjang lying around and decided to add it to my base for chili. I have no idea how this is going to turn out.

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Please report back. I have them “lying around also.”


All the talk of curry ketchup in the Home Cooking thread reminded me that Stacked is a guilty pleasure chain favorite of mine. I like their build your own burgers and their onion strings with curry ketchup.