FTC dinner at bulgarini

This is a signup sheet to gauge interest and the amount of interest in a dinner meet-up at Bulgarini.

Date to be determined (probably during the summer, maybe even catch one of Leo’s summer movie nights)

  • Yes!!!
  • No, I hate all of you.
  • Maybe, just because I was raised a milquetoast

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Milquetoast, I had to look that up.

My schedule is irregular so we shall see.

I know it’s a haul for a lot of you, but it was such a great experience.

I’m def interested but just need to see if it first in the schedule and budget.

I get it everyone, regarding schedule and price.

But right now I’d like to just get a headcount so that I can ask Leo about logistics and have a somewhat concrete number to float out there for him to ruminate on.

So, no worries if you say “Yes” and later back out because of conflicts or whatever.

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About $75 per person when I went.

I think Leo threw in the gelato and wine, gratis. I think.

cough pregame hike before Bulgarini if anyone is down


This is a fantastic idea. I hope scheduling permits me to join you!

What’s Bulgarini?

totally interested in going (in addition to meeting you folks!), but will depend on date/time…

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Definitely interested. Would there be room to bring some friends who don’t post on FTC when the time comes, or does that depend on seating availability?

Interested, depending on whether the date coincides with a return trip to L.A. this summer (interested enough that I will try to make my L.A. trip coincide with this dinner!)

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great idea!!! if the hike is to a wine bar…

also if i meet yous do i have to act nicer in my comments?

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“What if I don’t like anyone? What if everyone doesn’t like me? It will all be ruined!” :joy::rofl::joy:


i’m very suspicious of you, specifically, in fact



Leo is working on price, number of participants, and other details. More information coming soon.