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I know this isn’t food-related, but I just wanted to post this here, since not everyone looks at the Site Feedback forum (and may not quite understand the banner).

Because FTC gets so many visitors (yay!), the cost of running the site has gone up by a lot (boo). It’s not fair to expect Robert to pay the additional overages, so please consider contributing ($5/month could be enough to save the site). The Patreon website can set up automatically monthly billing for you. :slight_smile:

Edit: @MaladyNelson has calculated the cost and estimates that, if we have 28 people who donate $5/month each, the site will break even.

THANKS!!! I don’t want to lose what we have!

More details here:

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Hi! Can we get an update on whether or not the site is financially? I thought I had donated at start-up, but can’t remember and think it would be a good reminder for myself and other users. Thanks!

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Good question. I hadn’t updated my spreadsheet in a while.

Totaling it all up since 2015, the site has been in the black since May of last year.

Discourse is $100 a month, additional hosting charges are around $2-3.

In the past year, Google ad revenues varied between $53 and $85 a month, and Patreon payouts between $70 and $178. On average in the past year, net was $75 a month.

I should look into advertising, maybe get those Google revenues up.

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