Full-fat imported German quark

Anyone seen this anywhere? It’s sort of similar to lebne or mascarpone.

Have you checked alpine village?

Never heard of it before. Not likely to be passing through Torrance any time soon.

Maybe call Schreiner’s in Montrose?


Bought this at a German store thinking if they carried it, it would be like the German stuff. Nope. Weird bitter flavor, strange texture.

I have yet to find quark in the US which even tastes acceptable. We make it now at home ourselves and it is very easy

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That starter makes it taste like the real thing?

The product with this starter taste very much like very good quark you get in a German supermarket or restaurant in Germany. And it gives you the possibility to play around with different sources of milk etc.

Is this the stuff? The recipe says “direct-set buttermilk starter culture” but I don’t find that on the site.

Hmm, they list the frommage blanc for quark?

The package looks different but from the description it looks like the buttermilk starter. It is interesting to see that they also recommend the fromage blanc starter for quark. You should buy both and test out both to see which one you like more for quark

Our German customers have told us that when they are making their quark they use the C20 (Fromage Blanc) with skimmed milk and to them it is quite authentic to the cheese they remember.

Except I hate nonfat quark.

If you would like a very soft creamy Quark, use our C21 Buttermilk culture