Full Moon House Seafood (Chinatown)

Does anyone have any intel on this apparently new Chinese restaurant in Chinatown?

I didn’t think Chinese restaurants of this ilk were still targets for landlords in the now-gentrified Chinatown.

Notably (and this is for you @chandavkl), they have both pan-fried and steamed chicken dumplings.

Full Moon House Seafood
960 North Hill St

Thanks for the tip. This was the old longtime Golden City location which cratered when the chef left and the owner decided to step into the kitchen himself. The story was the guy didn’t even know how to properly slice the meat for cooking, leading to the rapid exodus of all the customers.

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Educated guess is this is an offshoot of Full House Seafood directly across the street.

So here’s the lineage as I understand it. In the mid-80s, Full House opens up on Hill St. and becomes a late night favorite of Chinese chefs. In 2008, the head chef at Full House breaks off and opens up his own place down the street, Master Chef. A few months ago, Master Chef is sold (query, did the old chef retire and sell out?) to a more hipster buyer, as indicated by their “Beer of the Month” promos. Meanwhile across the street, Golden City goes down the tubes, and the former staff of Master Chef (sans chef) sets up shop in the Golden City location, calling it Full Moon House Seafood…


Meanwhile, what of the Full House in Arcadia?