FWIW - Eaters List of Iconic LA Dishes

Interesting list.

For me Republique’s chicken is a head scratcher, as is the omission of any Roi Choy.

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Not a great list, but there are some good ones in there. I’m sure the hickory burger will be a flash point. Personally I love it and always have, and for certain segments of LA it is an iconic dish.

Seems like al pastor tacos at Leo are a better modern iconic dish than Republique’s chicken. I love that chicken but it isn’t like…a dish many people know.

I found it interesting there weren’t any French Dips included in the “iconic” listing.

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Yawn … yet another absurd Eater listicle.

evidently listicles still pays the bills.


Oh, I’m sure. And Eater (general) does some nice things. Not blown away by the LA site, but I’m sure that’s just me.



The omelette at Petit Trois ties with Langer’s pastrami for the top spot on my list.

I’d say the #19 is gilding the lily, but it’s more like smothering the lily with supermarket cheese and so-so coleslaw.

FWIW, I tend to agree with those here and in the linked comments: not sure how Republique - which I love - gets a spot, as well as Petit Trois and others, over Bay Cities, Coles/Phillipes, etc.

I realize Eater, at least the LA version, is simply an aggregator.

WHAT no Ricky’s Fish Tacos!!!


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Eater doesn’t just aggregate. We do produce plenty of longer format stories!


Maps do well, they’re useful, and fun (most of the time). But they’re just a part of what we cover


The original iconic dish list that we did in 2012 had Kogi on there. I’m not sure any of the tacos have maintained long term relevance (though I still think they’re tasty)

Best thing about Eater is Lucas Peterson Dining On A Dime vids.

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If you read the site regularly, we tend to focus on restaurant openings and closures. That’s really the bread and butter of the site. Maps, features, etc complement that coverage.

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These lists always create controversy but I think it’s pretty good

Besides French Dip here are some others dishes that should have been mentioned
Galbi at Park’s BBQ
In n Out
Some sandwich at Gjusta to appease the FTC board

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Fair enough - I guess Choi is iconic rather than any dish.

Repeat to self: Iconic does not mean good. Iconic does not mean good. Iconic does not mean good.

(Okay, enter conversation.)

What about Spago’s salmon pizza? I think that’s more iconic than his beef marrow dish.


I was going to say that too but isn’t that off the menu now with the new Spago?

The salmon pizza is still on the lunch menu and can sometimes be obtained even in the evening, especially if you are a regular.