Gas cooktops - having a think

I’m remodeling a house on a budget, doing most of the work ourselves. We’d like to purchase a 30" stainless gas cooktop and I’m battling decision paralysis.

Any thoughts on
Frigidaire that looks like Spiderman?

Or Kitchenaid?

I’ve lived my whole life with four burners and am looking at 5 because I think it looks cooler, not for any practical need. oof.

I think it would be weird for the burners to be so varied. The Frigidaire has 5,000, 7,500, 9,500, 12,000, and 18,000 BTU burners. The KitchenAid has 6,000, 7,000, two 10,000, and 17,000.

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One thing about these ranges is that the grates are a lot heavier, and won’t fit in many sinks. Cleaning is more of a hassle because a lot of the splatter that you’d normally just wipe off a smooth surface is now on the grates (which are usually kind of rough) and the surface underneath.

My mom is actually thinking of going back to electric. She finds american gas stoves too weak in general, even the 18K burner was just ok to her.

We’ve had an induction range for some few years now and I wouldn’t go ‘down’ to gas again for anything. And ease of cleaning is crazy good.

Designs where each burner has a separate grate are easier to clean.

Oh for sure. My old gas range cleans up nicely. It’s just that current design trend is all massive grates, so this is an issue to keep in mind.

Having lived with an electric glass cooktop for a few years, and then going back to gas, I have to say I agree with you mom. I spent 50+ years with gas, and a few years with electric made me a convert. I also like like being able to clean the cooktop with a sponge rather than digging around burners for spilled food. And getting rid of gas is supposed to be good for the environment. I am reminded of this every time I drive by a refinery burning off excess gas.

Whether and how much better electricity is for the environment depends on how it’s generated and how much is lost in transmission and distribution.