German stuff in the Bay Area

Did you happen to notice if the Staudt shop had apfelkraut?

Just to make sure we are talking about the same thing as Apfelkraut can mean different things in different parts of Germany - are you talking about the sweet spread (for bread) made from apple (juice) or braised red cabbage or sauerkraut with apples ?

The fruit spread that’s more aromatic than and not as sweet as American apple butter.

Was just in the shop and they don’t have apfelkraut

Lehr’s in Noe Valley had two glasses of Apfelkraut today

That’s been my usual source, but there was none last time I was in there and the owner said she hadn’t been able to get it.

I got some online. Grafschafter Apfelkraut Apple Butter | European Deli

Just to add one more place important for Germans - Esther’s German Bakery in Los Altos which has good German style bread but much more importantly Currywurst (beside Doener the German fast food (lunch) snack). They don’t have fries but their fried potatoes are very good

I didn’t know Esther’s had food. I’ve gotten their breads many times at Berkeley Bowl.

Pure Grain Bakery in Vacaville is the other great German bakery in the greater Bay Area. I learned about it because they serve it at Speisekammer in Alameda.

They have a small menu of some German dishes - so far we tried the currywurst and the bratwurst with sauerkraut and potato salad and both were very good.

More importantly they also have German bread rolls (very rarely seen in the US) and just across the street is Dittmers an outstanding old-school German butcher - they have many different house-made cold cuts (like blood-tongue sausage), sausages, kassler etc.
Another interesting German place is Hahdough in Hayes Valley with great German pastries, cakes etc -they even had Franzbroetchen - an unique pastry mainly found around Hamburg which you normally even have problems to find in other parts of Germany.

Huh, never heard of Hahdough. Looks like they have another branch over the hill.