Getting carbonized something off enameled cast iron

Ohhh… I’m tempted. But I wouldn’t use it for anything else. I cook with grapeseed all the time.

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A service guy told me that the self-cleaning cycle in many ovens overheats the electronic components and shortens their life. I got tired of having our oven with all kinds of features serviced all the time and replaced it with a Wolf that has no electronics.

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Ahhh… Thanks.

I’m kinda’ with you. My cousin bought a gas stove/oven with modern features like digital settings for temperature, timer, etc. One or the other is always going hooey. But I do like the idea of using the self-cleaning feature for the CI. I have an electric oven in my office kitchen which doesn’t get much use. So probably no chance of overheating the other components.

How to clean these? any hope? Picked it up for free.

First try Bon Ami. It is our go to for any burnt on crud on our le creuset. If that doesn’t work… Let it completely dry for a day… Then put bar keepers friend ON A Wet rag (Not in the pot!) And then work it in and let it sit for 5 minutes. Rinse well and then that is your last hope for the inside.

For the outside… You can spray a little bit of oven cleaner in a bowl and then do the same thing you did with the bar keepers friend… I do this once every couple of years or so… RINSE VERY WELL.

Be careful with cast iron that has been revealed. It’s okay to use but can get rusty, especially at the bottom and stain countertops.



Also vinegar or bleach.

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I do wish there was such a thing as Creuset hei, which would be similar to wok hei…


I understand this is stainless steel but boiling the whole pan as in the below article worked well to take off years of crud burnt onto the inside and bottom of my pans:

Also, because I’m lazy and some of my pans are too big to dunk in a vat of boiling water and baking soda I tried the same with a circulator (sous vide) at a much gentler temperature for a day (probably 160F or so…?) and the years of crud came right off with that, too.


Nice. We mainly use our Le Creusets of various sizes and shapes for day to day cooking. But those times we use use our stainless, we use Bar Keepers Friend. Not only does it clean, it also helps keep it shiny. Also, we don’t ever put our cookware in the dish washer, we wash by hand.

Is that baked-on crud or is that the enamel having been stripped away, exposing the cast iron underneath? It looks to me like the latter (and, if that’s the case, I don’t know if there’s much to be done about that).

I don’t see missing enamel in the photo. Usually that’s pretty obvious. We have a Cousance pot that’s had a quarter-sized chip for 40 years, works fine.

I think it’s baked on crud.

So I take it all the Bon Ami, Bar Keep, steel wool, etc. doesn’t damage the enamel?

Steel wool could cause damage. Bon Ami and Barkeeper’s Friend should not.

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The Bon Ami does not, but i don’t use it with steel wool. Just your standard Doobie/Scour Daddy and ONLY if there is crud that the dish soap does not get off. Also wash them all by hand.