Girls Lunch in the Arts District

I’m getting together for lunch a couple of days before x-mas w/ one of my college roommates that I haven’t seen in 30+ years (oy). She’s coming from Hacienda Heights and I’m coming from Ktown, so we thought that the Arts District would offer up some options with a relatively easy commute for both of us.

The specifics: She’s vegan. I’m not. This will be a weekday lunch. Sooooo-----a place that will have something delicious for both of us, wine (I’m not sure if she prefers cocktails, but at least wine should be available), not too loud as we want to catch up and a place that will let us do that for a couple of hours without rushing us or needing to turn the table quickly. Were both Uber-ing it, so parking won’t be an issue.

I haven’t been to most of the restaurants that have opened up in the Arts District in the last several years of the building boom so I’m looking for some suggestions. We could creep a little further west into Little Tokyo or downtown if that gives us more options.


How about winsome in echo park?

Actually, i’ve been wanting to go there since they opened (especially after reading JL’s review) but haven’t gotten over there yet. Could be a great option. thanks for the reminder!

How about Le Petit Paris? Not Arts District, but Arts District adjacent.

Or maybe ediBol if you want something a bit more casual, which is actually in the Arts District.

Daily Dose Cafe has a veggie sandwich.

Little bit away though. It is really in the Warehouse District

How about Happy Family in Monterey Park?

If Echo Park / Silver Lake is an option, what about Daw Yee Myanmar Corner? Vegan and non-vegan options for most items. You didn’t specify the day, but they’re open for lunch on Saturdays and Sundays.

Historic Core rather than Arts District but Spring might be an excellent option for the two of you.

Maneula. (Lunch offered on Wed-Fri., and brunch on Sat & Sun.)

Zinc Cafe

This will be a weekday lunch. Also, I’m not sure if she’ll be into Happy Family or Daw Yee (although I would). I think something more along the lines of Winsome, Zinc, Maneula or Spring might work----something not overly casual but not an expense account-type lunch.

Any thoughts on Factory Kitchen, Officine Brera, or Church & State as far as vegetable options?

Otium has vegetable options not sure how vegan it is though

If I remember correctly, wasn’t the FTC consensus that the food @ Otium didn’t live up to the nicely designed space?

Yeah—vegan can be more challenging. I’m planning on sending her some links to a selection of everybody’s suggestions and let her choose one that meets her dietary needs and tastebuds. I’ll be happy as long as there are tasty non-vegan options and some decent wine by the glass choices.

I go to Spring for lunch, and did not think their menu was vegan, or even very vegetarian friendly. Do you have a different experience with their menu?

FWIW, I really enjoy Spring, esp. the room.

While Zinc is meat-free, 90% of Zinc’s offering has some sort of dairy (cheese or eggs).

In particular, I was thinking of the surprisingly wonderful Legumes de Saison (which I would imagine would be vegan friendly as well) but my overall impression was that the menu was very workable for vegetarians at least, while offering good variety for the non-vegetarian as well. It is also a very attractive space in which to have lunch.

You are wrong. The Arts District formally extends to 7th, and Daily Dose is a block above the line. Bestia, amusingly characterized as an Arts District superstar, is no in the Arts District as it is below 7th. Funny how that works huh?

The Farmer at Daily Dose is, btw, the most extreme (and delicious) vegetarian sandwich I have ever had. As I recall, it has something like 13 ingredients ranging from hot pepper jelly to sweet potato hash patties and burrata…it used to get a lot of press, still pretty deserving of it. I need to go back and get one of those bad boys.

Good sandwich but not vegan.

I guess I was repping the sandwich for other people more than the specific vegan.

Can’t it be vegan if you get it without the burrata though?


The don’t-mind-me vegan refrain: “No cheese, please.”

I always thought the burrata was the weakest part of the Farmer anyways