Give Nopales the Milanesa Treatment

Thought this looked intriguing.

Edited to Add: I seem to recall reading about a local place doing something along these lines, but with the “Hot Chicken” treatment.


Wow! Being Yucatecan… the only reason I eat Nopales is because my grandmother planted some in her yard in U.S. in the 1980s as a decoration and then the man who owned the local taqueria on the corner drove past and asked her for some of the ‘tiernito’ (tender) leaves on top. She started selling them to him. Eventually she had a whole patch behind her garage that was CRAZY prolific. My mother tried to grow them herself when we moved to Diamond Bar and she was never as successful…

Thanks for sharing… the Salting sounds like a technique that Noma uses on some of its vegetable dishes. Looking forward to trying!


Rojos puts nopales on their hot chicken sandwich so perhaps that is what you are remembering? They are not breaded though.

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Please report back: I am curious!

Yep, I’m thinking you’re right - thank you!

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We have salted them ( it releases some of the slime and then squeezed out) and eaten them raw in salads, particularly Vietnamese goi. salting and squeezing liquid from vegetables is a common viet technique.

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