Gjelina - Venice

haven’t been back since travis lett left but i got influenced by unverified max so wanted to try it again.

happy to say they’re still packed, it’s still a scene, the food is still delicious and they still have the best lamb pizza in the city. I can easily identify as a vegan here.

@rlw power rankings forthcoming?

anchovy & burrata toast, peperonata, parsley, olive oil

:eggplant: :eggplant: :eggplant: :eggplant: :eggplant:

grilled summer squash, curry aioli, za’atar

:eggplant: :eggplant: :eggplant: :eggplant:

japanese sweet potato, jalapeño yogurt, scallion

:eggplant: :eggplant: :eggplant: :eggplant:

eggplant, red onion agrodolce, tahini, cherry tomato, herbs

:eggplant: :eggplant: :eggplant: :eggplant:

grilled mackerel, ginger, fresno chili, cilantro, shio ponzu

:eggplant: :eggplant: :eggplant: :eggplant: :eggplant:

grilled squid, shelling beans, confit tomato, soffritto, salsa verde

:eggplant: :eggplant: :eggplant: :eggplant: :eggplant:

heirloom tomato, cucumber, red onion, basil, olive oil

:eggplant: :eggplant: :eggplant: :eggplant:

lamb sausage, confit tomato, rapini, pecorino, asiago

:eggplant: :eggplant: :eggplant: :eggplant: :eggplant:

impressive menu, we barely tried a 10th of it. will be back.


Love those Japanese sweet potatoes. And the eggplant. Actually in many meals at Gjelina I’m not sure I’ve ever had a vegetable I didn’t like.


Gjelina was one of the restaurants I knew before I moved to LA (thanks to the amazing cookbook) and I always wanted it to be one of my favorites. But, living on the other side of the city made it impossible for it to be more than a special occasion spot and so I’d only been a couple times in years I’ve lived here.

I should make it a point to have more special occasions to get to Venice. Like being hungry.

The menu is too massive to order OOE, so many many more visits are needed to be a completionist.

But sure, here’s a power ranking of what we ate:

  1. Lamb sausage pizza
  2. Anchovy and burrata toast
  3. Grilled mackerel
  4. Grilled squid
  5. Japanese sweet potato
  6. Grilled summer squash
  7. Heirloom tomato salad
  8. Eggplant

Even the eggplant though was better than some good dishes at other restaurants.


Nice revisit guys!

Do we have a bean convert @PorkyBelly?


He didn’t want to eat them :joy:


Funny! :sweat_smile:

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Capsule review notes the influence of two Oaxacan chefs.

The food is incredible there, and your pictures are very impressive!! Wow, now I’m hungry…

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Peony: I love Gjelina! The chef has a great palate. All the combinations worked. Every dish tasted perfectly flavored.

Warrior: 6.0 Warrior Points.


Now open in NYC


A Gjelina in Gjotham?! Gjreat!