Going to the Packing House? Hit up Pour Vida before

Every Tuesday there is Specials. The Pineapple Skirt is the most popular, sweet-salty Asian flavor that most people love. The second pic is a tribute to In-N-Out in taco form! If you see the pork and plantains, don’t hesitate in getting that. Tortillas are all handmade.

Really happy everyone in OC is happily paying $5 for good tacos at a food court in Santa Ana, just like Silver Lake is finally coming to terms with $3.50 for tacos at a fantastic space while drinking their cocktails.

Better suggestion:

Hit up Pour Vida, fill up on tacos and never set foot in the piece of Sh!t that is the Packing House.

If the name is indicative of anything the only thing that place is packing is crap quality food.

Don’t get me started on Pop Bar and its claim of using fresh ingredients (i.e. deliveries of canned mandarin oranges in syrup from Sysco).

I actually like Kroft out of all the places in the Packing House.

I am sad to announce that the same guy behind the Packing House is taking a good majority of the same vendors to the 1st floor at the Jia Apartments in my beloved neighborhood of Chinatown.

Oh… Google finally coughed it up. It’s not the guy who developed Packing House, it’s Leonard Chan who’s behind several of the venues AT the Packing House. Packing House was developed by Lab Holdings, who developed The Camp and The Lab in Costa Mesa. He’s working on something in Long Beach now.