Golden Delight…a new Viet-Chinese unlike any other?

thanks to influencer @hppzz for influencing me, I tried the banh mi xiu mai :heart: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart:

side of msg (makes shit great) :heart:

that blistering :heart:

tried a couple more things to go and they were unsurprisingly also fantastic.

thit kho trung

ca kho to
I liked how this came with pieces of pork too.


That’s some nice caramelization on that thit Kho. The tép mở in the ca kho is very traditional but few places use that technique. It’s essentially lardon equivalent, rendering the fat to cook the fish and getting crispy pork belly bits to boot.


Warrior: Thanks to hppzz for this recommendation. It was very good, clearly outshining a recent meal at Five Stars Hué (which is worth trying, however, for the unique menu items) and even a recent dinner at Sea Harbour. All the dishes we tried — abalone, Vietnamese clay pot catfish, softshell crab, and eggplant — were good. The restaurant was especially excellent for the price — just $110 pre-tax, while my gut was telling me $200. We feel very fortunate to finally own our first car together so we can try exciting places like this instead of resorting to delivery.

Peony: I enjoyed the food tonight. Despite their separate Chinese and Vietnamese menus, I don’t feel they have two cuisines going on. I feel, at least from the dishes we ordered, that they have one style of food. For example, the braised fish from the Vietnamese menu tasted very Cantonese to me, but it had its own style. I liked all the dishes tonight and would be excited to go back.


Wow, that soft shell crab looks great. The ca kho looks like home made. We typically raise an eye when we see restaurants with such a big or far ranging menu but they seem to handle it really well. The menu is definitely worth exploring on multiple visits.

Warrior: the softshell crab was exceptional. Like fine tempura, the preparation illuminated rather than interfered with the outstanding natural flavors and textures of the crab itself. Peony enjoyed the catfish more than I did, but the quality and care were self-evident there too. The abalone in brown sauce was also excellently prepared and reminded me how terrific abalone can be and what a great pairing it makes with shiitake mushrooms, which are the Platonic spiritual sibling to abalone. The eggplant was ordinary but well-prepared, with a good roast to the exterior. I forgot to mention — the tea, which tasted like a jasmine wulong — was the best I can remember tasting at a SGV restaurant in a long time (way better than the tea at Sea Harbour, where I think we spent around $400). The rice was good quality too. It annoys me to go to highly regarded Chinese restaurants in the SGV and be served watery, insipid tea and mushy rice prepared with indifference. This restaurant obviously has a high level of care, and caring is half the battle.


Are both menus available at all times? As Vietnamese Chinese, this is definitely on my hit list for my holiday visit. Too bad about the lack of outdoor dining. I find really good vietnamese dinner options in sgv surprisingly under par.


vietnamese menu 9am - 7pm
chinese menu 11am - 9pm


Peony: We actually got seated at around 6:50pm after about 10 minutes’ wait outside the restaurant. We were a bit worried as it was approaching 7pm when the waiter came to our table. But The waiter brought us both menus!

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Add some water spinach to those 2 dishes and you have the classic Vietnamese homestyle meal.


Got to try the house special lobster and it was excellent! Sorry no pictures because we were with our parents and too busy devouring. But my mom approved and she’s very tough critic.


thanks for that, haven’t tried that yet over at Golden Delight but the pho has been solid and has been a regular go-to for me and the wife.


i was blown away by the chả giò. Both Golden Deli locations have been slumping in quality over the past year and I think Delight may have them beat.


Golden Deli’s cha gio is great, but nothing else on the menu made me really want to go back (not that it’s bad or anything, just not exciting). Golden Delight on the other hand, just keeps impressing. Golden Delight’s cha gio was great yesterday as well and when you can order stone pot pho, cha gio, and house special lobster, it’s a no brainer which one is our favorite.


I drove by yesteeday and it was completely packed with people waiting outside. Any insight or hacks on avoiding a long wait?

We went at 12:30 Sunday and actually got in in about 15 minutes. They do take reservations for party’s of 4 or more. Don’t think it applies on Sunday But call and check.


15 minutes I can live with. Thanks for the intel!

Finally tried Golden Delight and I must say, that stone pot pho is the real deal. The broth was one of the best I have had and the house special is loaded with goodies. The cha gio is head and shoulders above my recent trips to Golden Deli. Definitely heading back for that stone pot pho and didn’t get to try the banh mi xiu mai as they only offer it in the weekends.


The great thing about the stone bowl pho is the broth is still warm after you’re done. With standard bowls, the broth is usually cold or room temperature when I’m done. I add a lot of herbs and sprouts. The best thing about the stone bowl was how al dente the noodles were. It hit me how overcooked pho noodles are at most places. I can’t remember if the noodles were served on the side.

Over Xmas visit, we went for lunch and dinner. Can’t wait to go again. This place is definitely one of the best sgv recs I have seen here.


@A5KOBE @tdonline so glad you both liked it! Yes the noodle is served on the side. You’re absolutely right about overcooked noodles at some spots, esp when it’s clump together in the bowl :weary:.

Too bad the xiu mai is only weekends, it’s definitely one of the best breakfast/brunch dishes around.