Golden Dragon in Chinatown Shuttered?

Does anyone have any news about Golden Dragon? Neighbor of ours in MPrk told my sister that she noticed the front entrance was closed on the day she went moon cake shopping in Chinatown. I called their number, but there’s no answer.

Looks like there have been Yelp postings about it in the last month. However, it’s also worth noting that there it was reported as closed in early August due to Health Department violations.

I can’t imagine some of the restaurants are doing all that well these days outside of the Chinatown Summer nights program.

Golden Dragon’s pretty much a tourist trap. Their dim sum is really bad…

Dodger home games bring in big business to the restaurants in Chinatown. Chinese Friends, in particular, is always packed. Outside of baseball season, they have a solid customer base of mainly Latinos.

Jade Wok is where it’s at for Chinese Chinese! Not a destination but I’ve had many gratifying meals of that house special tofu (what’s in that sauce?), shrimp and scrambled egg, and a plate of greens. Those little pork ribs are good too and not overly sweet.

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Friend ate at Golden Dragon yesterday.