Golden Road at GCM - Yummy Pierogi

The beer is fine as well, nice spot to grab a stout, ipa, hefe, etc…

But the pierogi here are actually kind of legit.

I got to sample a bacon and cheddar one, which was really nice. You can’t officially mix them in an order (3 for $7) though, so I opted for the Al Pastor.

Maybe a little over hard fried, but for the most part these are actually pretty great pierogi. They all seem to have the standard gooey potato filling of old-fashioned pierogi that makes them so delightful to pierogi-hounds, but then tweaked with various ingredients.

The al pastor seemed like like carnitas to me than al pastor, but the zippy, spicy bright orange sauce on the side seemed to be the key as it had all of the spicing and pineapple of a typical al pastor taco contained in it. A remarkably tasty batch of pierogi. My only lament is I wish they did some more traditional ones…they say they are trying to do something new, but since no one does old school pierogi well in LA I sort of find that a bit funny. Still, it’s really nice to have a place to get a pretty good pierogi fix in a way that is very LA.

Worth a visit for sure.

Inside shot:


this is surprising, as i’ve never found the food at the pub in glendale to be
very good.
although, it’s a lovely place to hang out and watch the trains go by.

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