Good eats in Palmdale or Canyon Country. Do they exist?

Wow, this sounds like a place that would be a hotbed of absolutely extraordinary food! Is the restaurant scene only hampered because everyone simply cooks at home?

Thanks. Fair enough,“most” isn’t “all.” But, I’d like to know what your interpretation of that is.

My interpretation is that if the “Asian” places one is frequenting is all serving Orange Chicken, then you’re probably going to all the wrong “Asian” places.

I thought we finally sorted out “all” vs. “most.” Thanks for your input and your interpretation though ipse. Wait, so if a place serves Orange Chicken, they’re incapable of serving a decent version of anything else? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :thinking:

FWIW, why do you think I go to the places that don’t serve Orange Chicken? :smiley: :wink:

i interpret it as the AV really likes their orange chicken.

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FWIW, I think of Orange Chicken and other dishes of that ilk as a gateway food: for some people, it’s highly exotic/strange/weird…and yet they try it and maybe find that they like it. And maybe a restaurant visit or two later they try another “weird” dish.


i think @JThur01 commented on this a while back when i mentioned the dongbei style guo bao rou (sweet & sour pork) at the now defunct yao’s kitchen; one can use a dish like that to bridge the gap for those completely unfamilar with authentic chinese regional cuisine. i mean, sweet/sour pork is one of the first things that comes to mind when i think chinese-american cuisine.

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Case in point, the aforementioned Thai restaurant that has orange chicken on their menu.

I should’ve taken that as a sign because on the black board they had “pork ribs”, which I had incorrectly assumed would be thai style sour fermented ribs. Instead what I got was american chinese takeout honey ribs.

Don’t assume. Makes an ass of…you know.

Unrealistic expectations… You’re using your L.A. standards and applying them to the AV. I’ve already mentioned one doesn’t find much beyond the basics: papaya salad, larb, noodle dishes, some soups. That’s about it. Don’t be looking for or expecting the kind of dishes one would find at a place in Thai Town or No Ho.

There once was a place that had boat noodles. It was run by a Thai woman and her Mexican husband (he grilled up tacos in back). Decent version, no offal of course. I have little doubt though that had I been in a beefy mood, I’m sure I could have asked the proprietress and she would have gladly added some.

yeah my heavy hitting order of pork ribs, fried rice, and tom yum noodle soup must’ve really stretched their culinary capabilities.

That would be one way of looking at it. Though we don’t know exactly what percentage of their sales are orange chicken. Just having something on the menu doesn’t automatically guarantee it’s the big seller.

However, if trying to apply it as some sort of judgement or standard, or to set up a joke, it fails. The SCV and AV are no more awash with orange chicken than most of the San Fernando Valley or most of the rest of L.A. for that matter. One could even say, so fucking what? I’ve seen orange chicken on Thai menus minutes from North Hollywood’s very good Thai restaurants. Orange chicken sums up most Chinese anywhere around L.A. outside of the SGV and a few spots scattered around the Valley, South Bay and Westside. And by a few spots, I mean very few. And, that applies pretty much everywhere around the U.S., save for a few pockets. We are “orange chicken nation.”

Of course, the way some folks look down on the Valley already, that probably means nothing. And, if they look down on the Valley, then they’re really going to look down at the valleys further out. As is in full evidence here.

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all snark aside, where would that be in the av?

This thread is like when you’re out with your dog, and you meet another dog, and you can’t quite decide if they’re playing or fighting, but tails are wagging so you let it roll.


This is the time of year when I begin my biweekly drive through that area (on the way to Mammoth), and can say with some certainty that the only place I’ve found worth stopping is the In n Out, and I’m not even one of those big proponents of In n Out. There’s one in Canyon Country and one in Palmdale.

$1.75 fish tacos at the Rubio’s in Palmdale on taco Tuesday



Dude, I know you and/or your wife love the cheese bread, so no need to throw shade onto Sizzler, okay??? :wink:

I lived off of the $1 fish taco Tuesdays (they used to be $1…) at Rubio’s quite happily early in my working career. :slight_smile:

Oh trust me I’ll be there soon enough. The secret is making carnitas tacos and then walking over to the salad bar and putting bacon bits + cheddar cheese on top.


Well, yeah, except one dog wants to do nothing but poop in the yard :smiley:

We might have just missed each other then :wink: