Good Meals w/ Kids

Heading up from LA next week and would love some suggestions for good meals I can have at places where kids would not be totally out of place and ruin everyone else’s night. I need to figure out a Friday dinner for 6 (2 kids) and then planning for B Patisserie > Zuni for Saturday day. Open to any and all suggestions. Thanks in advance.

Sam’s Grill
B44 / Café Bastille
Burmese Kitchen
Hog Island
Sotto Mare
Yuet Lee

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Where do you stay in SF (or willing to drive ?), does it have to be outdoor dining ?

Love that!!!

Is there still the one at the Ferry Building? It’s great. Right on the water.

I’ll be in Union Square. Not worried about indoor/outdoor and happy to drive about 20 mins or so.

Hog Island’s still at Ferry Plaza.

this looks absolutely perfect.

We had a super lunch there - no, wait, two lunches - great oysters (of course!), sparkling wine. Out on the patio/terrace on the water. So good.

We’ve eaten there a number of times over the years. And very SF in that alley.

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What is the best order at Saigon?

Saigon Sandwich?

My favorite is cha lua but basically it’s going to depend on your preferences.

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I’m big public transpo user in SF but I encourage you to taxi/uber/whatever. Driving can be a little difficult with lots of one way streets and outrageously expensive parking. IMO.

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Same here.

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Thanks. That’s what I was eyeing.

My kids love both Pizzeria Delfina and Delfina. The restaurants are right next to each other and on the same block as the OG Tartine. The pizza is fantastic. My kids still talk about the spaghetti pomodoro and it’s one of my wife’s favorite spaghetti up there with Scarpetta. The French fries at Delfina are a must. I’m not a huge fan but Bi-Rite Creamery is across the street. The last 2 times the temperature of the ice cream was off. It was practically melting. Flavors are good but I prefer Humphrey Slocombe which would be good for dessert after Hog Island at Ferry Building which others have mentioned.

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Delfina is very good Cal-Italian. Maybe better than Bestia.


oh damn. that’s high praise. i appreciate the info.

We took two 5 year olds and a 2 year old to State Bird Provisions and it went well.

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Cafe Bastille was perfect for us. Thank you @robert