Good sushi near Westwood

Kazunori is a great choice, but no sushi, just great hand rolls.
Hide Sushi on Sawtelle is good - not great - with a nice price point.
Sasubune on Wilshire in West LA is pricier and better quality.
I have been disappointed in Kiriko lately, but most around here think it is still good.
Hamasaku on Santa Monica Blvd is know for “krazy” roll combos but also has pretty good straight sushi - might be perfect with kids.

If the kids, and you, are in for the best quality, lots of fish flown from Japan, the best places are Shunji, Mori, and Tsujita Sushi. And both Shunji and Tsujita Sushi have very reasonable lunch specials.

Wadatsumi on Pico has good sushi - limited selection - as well as lots of other Izakaya options done well. And Westside Tavern next door has great beer. COLDEST beer in town, I think.


yes very kid friendly.

Kula conveyor belt sushi on Sawtelle. Cheap and fun for the kids. All new inside with latest computer screen ordering.
2130 Sawtelle Blvd., Unit 111, Los Angeles, CA 90025
Phone: 310-597-4490

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Thanks all! Great stuff!
We checked out Kula a couple weeks back. Sushi was pretty average but the kids loved it!

I’ve been to Sushi Masu a few times and enjoyed it. I think I’m the only person on the board who does. :frowning: The place is pretty small, so not sure how kid-friendly it is.

I like Masu. Not top tier but you’re not paying top tier prices either. Masu is a super nice guy as well

Basically a fine $50pp neighborhood sushi joint where you can easily develop a rapport with the itamae.

evidently this place is now Masakazu (Westwood): A Pictorial Essay


As someone with ChowPups often in tow:

Wadatsumi by Harikawa (on Pico Blvd., next to Westside Pavilion) is not a sushi place per se (it’s more of a general washoku restaurant), but they are super kid friendly and serve just as great sushi as most other dedicated sushi joints in the area.

PLUS, if the kids do get picky, never fear, for you gots LOTS of other cooked options to choose from at Harikawa.

And for BEER (and a damn fine, dare I say, legendary burger): Father’s Office (Culver City, on Helms)


The Cannibal in Culver City has an outstanding beer selection

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@CiaoBob thanks for the rec on Hide on Sawtelle. Checked it out today and it was a big hit. $75 for the family of four. Will be back!


glad you liked it

Okay, a lot can happen in 3 years. Have you fallen in or out of love with any of these recs?

We’re looking for a nice place in this general area to go with our nephew, a budding sushi-phile. He eats at Sugarfish in Brentwood a lot, but knows it’s not top tier (it’s close to his job). I want to impress him, but not super high-end “omakase only” impress him. Plus I don’t think those places will work. He recently had the omakase at Sushi Gen and discovered he doesn’t like toro (fatty tuna). “It’s too soft & mushy.”

Any recs? Thanks!

Stretching a bit geographically to help answer this question…

Decent: Sushi King (Wilshire & 14th, in Santa Monica)
Good: Asuka (south of Bristol Farms, on Westwood Blvd.), and Takao (on San Vicente, in Brentwood)
Very Good: Kiriko (Sawtelle) and Masakazu (on Westwood Blvd., south of SM Blvd.)

Good luck!


Wow, time flies. How old is your nephew? My kids are 10 and 7 now so we still don’t go anywhere for omakase. The two spots we hit the most are:
Kazunori - awesome hand rolls and sashimi. They have no cut rolls here. No tables either, just a big bar to sit at. Lineups are common.
The Room - nothing fancy here but the sushi is solid. Lots of interesting rolls. Sugarfish is a nicer room.


perhaps a sashimi or chirashi bowl for lunch at sushi tsujita. they also do alc nigiri and omakase.


Thanks @J_L!

I’ve been to and like Takao. He probably has too. I bugged him about it after going to Sugarfish for the umpteenth time. I’ll check out Asuka too.

I want to try Kiriko myself, so that’s a good one. It will become all about me, though. I’ll want to bang it all up and down Sawtelle afterward. Their website is down. Price-wise can you give me a ballpark or a comparison? He says he won’t, but my husband almost always treats when it comes to the kids. I don’t want to give him a stroke.

Of course, I want to go to Masakazu. Loved your report. Probably won’t work for him. He’s easy going, but one of the peeps who think they like everything, but when you eat with them you find it’s not the case.

We haven’t set a date yet. But I’ll try to sneak in a few pics for the thread. :wink:

Hi @DrinkSmokeGolf -

Are you asking my age? :smile: He’s an adult. Technically he’s my husband’s nephew… she says as her vanity kicks in.

I don’t think I’ve heard of The Room. Looks like fun, Americanized rolls. I see those fried potato wrapped shrimp that I :heart: at Izakaya by Katsuya on 3rd. Yes, I’m still an occasional, shameless, crazy sushi roll lover.

I’ve been wanting to check out Kazunori. Probably not a suitable sit-down dinner option?


Oh yay! Perfect. I can try the glorious bowl at Tsujita finally!

Edit: He wants dinner. :smirk: I’m goin’ over there myself! I can bang ‘til my heart’s content.

The search continues. Good luck, indeed @J_L.

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I think Kiriko might be the right move here. Reservations recommended

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It may be named after the film of the same name


If you are okay with a different part of LA you might try Mako sushi in little Tokyo. As a plus you are right by the Blue Whale if you like Jazz.