Goodbye everyone

Agreed. I also would not mind a feature to silence posters as with other boards. That would be most likely to solve the problem for myself and I’m sure others as well.

@Dommy - There is the “ignore” button.

Click on the offending poster’s avatar and then click on the “ignore” button and enter in the time frame - the maximum amount is 4 months and will need to be renewed manually.


robert, I don’t always agree with you (ha!) but I do here. It sounds like he was abusing his moderator ‘privilege.’ You didn’t BFL (banned for life) just revoked his moderator privilege. He sounds like a whiner to me.

You can ignore individual users for a set period of time.

Moderators can silence people so they can’t post, either for a set period of time or indefinitely.


Bye @ipsedixit, your presence will be sorely missed. Thank you for your service to this community.

I wish you would reconsider but ultimately it is your decision.

Stay safe during this difficult time.


Oh , well


@ipsedixit sad to see you go hope maybe you will come back one day.

@robert is it possible to create an off topic section? All the trolls can hang out there.

You did more harm and zero good simply for your own entertainment . You just enjoy pissing people off who have legitimate concerns. Such hollow apologies. I absolutely support @robert in his decision to take control for now. I don’t agree with everything he says but in this case you guys are the equivalent of graffiti taggers.

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Jeez. “Robert was mean to me. I’m going to take my ball and go home.”

Your viewpoint boils down to:

Post that the coronavirus outbreak is a catastrophe that will destroy life as we know it going forward, and that’s great.

Post that the coronavirus outbreak is overblown and that life will be back to normal sooner than we know it (unfortunately, with lots of restaurants and other small businesses destroyed), and that’s trolling and grafitti tagging.

The primary thing I agree with is that none of this discussion belongs on a food blog. And for that, I apologize. Also, I thought more about the tone of my emails and realized that they were inappropriately sarcastic. You say that my apology is hollow, but you have no facts to base that opinion on.


OT: :slight_smile:

What I don’t get, is why people now seemingly cannot take opposing points of view or offensive conversation and speech, and ignore it. These days everything needs to be challenged, every offensive speech or idea must be confronted. If I see someone that’s offensive to me, mostly, I just ignore them.

Stop giving power to those you consider to be loons.

I see this on Facebook, especially in political discussions, if someone disagrees with another, can’t ignore, must block.


Well, that’s why we need moderating, because when the loons are posting their junk in otherwise fun/interesting threads it’s pretty tough to ignore it without killing the thread entirely

I don’t, I’m capable of moderating what and whom garners my attention


Well stated.


Ironically, I actually agree with the decision to remove my posts. As I said, I think they were inappropriate for this board. I am just feeling a lot of frustration and sadness with what’s going on around me, particularly for new immigrants who came to America with hope, worked in restaurants, nail salons, massage spas, etc., and now have had their lives destroyed but can’t even get unemployment benefits. This is especially difficult for me given that I think we will look back on this time period more as one of hysteria than prudence. But that does not warrant posting things on a message board that make people feel unpleasant or veer discussions off course.

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Hey, you do you man.
But I mean, basically the whole world is reacting the same way, it’s not like we were the first ones to do this. we were actually kinda late…

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Fair enough.
And I get that this is all off topic. But many of us are interested in thinking about it, and discussing it.
I happen to partly agree with a lot of what you are saying/have said. Unfortunately, it will take many years for any type of accounting of the lives saved and lives lost (or harmed), from social distancing/economic shut down to be completed. Municipalities all over the world are making their best guesses (and that’s what they are, informed guesses, but still guesses) given their populace, health care infrastructure, forbearance, etc. History is filled with examples of the failure to act (Philly vs St Louis in Spanish Flu and overreaction (Radiation related evacuation of the provinces around Fukishima killed around 2K people; the radiation has killed zero
How this plays out will be different in each and every country/region.


Thanks for your thoughtful reply.

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In times like these I fondly recall a piece of advice my friend’s dad once gave me
Opinions are like a**holes. Everybody has one and they all stink.


Repetitive off-topic posts are inappropriate even if you agree with them.