Goodbye everyone

I think it’s called Facebook.


My exact reaction.


Sorry, but, in my experience both you guys can be arbitrary and punitive (especially to each other). I get it, it’s human nature, but it’s probably why more than two mods would be beneficial, to discuss incidences in a private forum and possibly even vote.

Especially, since the one doing the stripping abuses the privilege and practices the thing he censored @Alkiegourmand for - a practice that caused our beloved @bulavinaka to say goodbye. :cry: I’d gladly say goodbye to all three involved in this fracas to have him back. Not because I have strong personal feelings about @robert @ipsedixit & @Alkiegourmand, but because @bulavinaka was worth so much for his humor, wisdom, as a fair arbitrator and a great friend to this board.

Since folks are “sheltering at home”, forced or otherwise, Accidental Courtesy is a documentary on Amazon @bulavinaka recommended when people were fighting about @kevin. As he put it, “If Daryl Davis can achieve what he has, (considering who he is and whose minds and souls he changed), just about every other conflict and disagreement seems resolvable.” :hearts:


I am actually not a person who thinks every example of offensive speech needs to be confronted, but I do agree w/ other posters that the repetitiveness and sarcastic and mocking tone made it difficult to have a conversation (it wasn’t like @Alkiegourmand was inviting a discussion w/ some of the later comments) and did make some threads feel “clogged” w/ stuff that was really off-topic. Even @Alkiegourmand acknowledges that.

If @Alkiegourmand has apologized, my own feeling is that we should take people at face value, accept the apology, and try to move forward.


That’s not the point. I’m not talking about your decision to moderate. But I understand what you are saying.

In my entire life I’ve never flagged one post. On any board I’ve ever been on

I’m quite capable of ignoring and not engaging.


It’s really about how it was handled. @ipsedixit countermanding Robert, resulting in Robert stripping him of his mod duties and @ipsedixit deciding to quit FTC. There was a better way to handle all of it, but that’s not possible when the two involved work against each other instead of in unison. With the exception of how to handle a male poster calling a female poster a sexually derogative name… then they’re in unison.

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i love drama… but not today… hope to read soon. good luck and love to all parties involved.


in robert’s case, it’s his sandbox. as for mr. kuu, if we’d made him a saint, just kissing his ring might have salved his ego. but probably not. i had the effrontery to refute his opinion that ‘bao’ should be referred to as buns and not dumplings, and he’s taken pot shots at me ever since. then there’s the time he made fun of someone who posted in broken english on CH. personally, it grieves me that someone so apparently well-connected, well-educated, what have you, could treat anyone that way.

I live in OC, not LA, so I didn’t follow that topic. Looking through it now I’m assuming the most inflammatory posts were deleted. This whole thing seems unnecessary and sad. Ipse is a favorite of mine and I hope this can be worked out.

For whatever it’s worth, I’ve been equally concerned by the play-it-down side of this AND the ‘sky is falling’ side. But this is tremendously serious stuff and it seems to help to have a place to let out your emotions. It seems like cable news is 24/7 focused on the pandemic, but there really isn’t that much going on now and they are keeping people informed. I’ve tried only to pay real attention to medical experts. If you’re not a doctor or some kind of infectious disease expert your opinion is only an opinion.

Early on I did think this could be ‘just another flu’ but it’s so contagious and is growing so quickly and so widely that I don’t think it’s wise to compare the two. Regardless, if the health system is overwhelmed to the point of not being able to handle it, it’s a critical situation and people who wouldn’t otherwise die WILL die. That’s just not acceptable so long as there’s anything that can be done about it.

Based on expert opinion and experience in countries that were hit sooner, isolation is the way to stop this. Hopefully the economic aid coming to people and businesses will blunt some of the long term consequences. It can… IF enough people cooperate quickly enough. I think that’s the thing I fear about the impact of the nay-sayers.

On the food side: our son is demanding that we not go out, even to do drive up from local restaurants. We’re in the vulnerable age range but have no compromising conditions, so we’re not sure how long we’ll be able to hold out on that front. A great pizza is beginning to sound pretty good right now and may be impossible to resist in a week or two.

In the meantime I’m grateful to have this place to let it out… assuming this post is OK.

STAY SAFE everyone!


Tell your son to mind HIS business not YOURS :slight_smile: We’re in our 70s and go to the grocery when we need perishables. And went to a local restaurant that is currently shut down but is selling house made provisions. I won’t bore you with the details but we do tons to keep everything as safe as possible.

Cat, I enjoy you here but that first sentence is, unless I’m now tone deaf, exactly the kind of thing that starts @$*! here. Our son lives fairly close and yesterday did a major market trip for us. I think the thing in this time is to stay home if you possibly can… and thanks to him we can. We’re not staying home BECAUSE he’s demanding it but because he’s concerned for us and because it’s no big deal. See… I’m pretty certain some of these ‘issues’ come from people reading their own thoughts into what they’re seeing. Just my 2¢ of course.

Gotta go make some lunch now.


just plis dont’ get dead…


hit me up on the Insta at least… damn. @la_foodism

You’re the one who used the word “demanding” and that you weren’t sure how long you could hold out against him. Our kids - in their 40s - don’t even offer advice unless asked nor do we. Perhaps you can delete that part of your post that made you sound just a tad weak.

Why couldn’t we just stick to food or exchange our views without taking shots at others?


I stopped moderating after the first month or so because people wanted things to be a lot looser and ruder than I’d have it, I suppose in part because CBS’s censorship of Chowhound had been so arbitrary and obnoxious. Since then I’ve only stepped in a few times when some troll (usually that same one who showed up here under I’ve lost count of how many names) was running wild and it seemed obvious ipsedixit would shut him down when he got to it.

So there has really been only the one moderator.


Oh come on! Really? I don’t see “demanding”, in that context as weak. In hindsight I could have worded that sentence differently but didn’t think of the word ‘implore’ at the time. He said “Don’t go out. I’ll get you whatever you need”. We said that wasn’t necessary and his response was “Don’t take a chance”. It’s making him feel good to do it. Our daughter, who lives in another state, sent texted :clap::clap::clap: when she got in the loop. We’re your age by the way. We’re very up front with our kids and they are with us. We like it that way. Most of my post was really about something way beyond that part of things anyway. Peace!


And it’s too bad that he now can’t have any contact with y’all either. Right now we should be in Seattle with our daughter and her family. Nope.

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We’ve been FaceTiming and using Zoom with friends and family. It’s more than worth it if we all stay healthy. We’ve just asked that our one year old grandson not start walking until we can see it in person. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yep, I hear ya’.