Gopchang Story (Korean harumonyaki) - Ktown

Anyone tried this?

What is Gopchang?

Gopchang (곱창) can refer to the small intestines of cattle (or pig) or to a gui (grilled dish) made of the small intestines. The latter is also called gopchang-gui (곱창구이; “grilled beef small intestines”).

In Korean cuisine, it is stewed in a hot pot ( gopchang-jeongol ), grilled over a barbecue ( gopchang-gui ), boiled in soup with other intestines ( naejang-tang ), or made into a sausage ( sundae ).

Gopchang was eaten as a source of rich in iron and vitamins, it was served as a health supplement. Today, gopchang is regarded as a delicacy. It is a popular anju (food served and eaten with soju), as it helps break down alcohol.

Gopchang Story BBQ has been specializing in Korean horumonyaki style BBQ since 2004.

Just went there on Friday! Wait was pretty long so go early and be prepared to wait for a while. Got there at 6 and were seated around 7 but they have a text system so it’s easy to just hang out anywhere nearby in ktown.

Really enjoyed it though! Ordered 2 servings of the assorted gopchang, 1 order pork belly, and the kimchi stew. My favorite was definitely the daechang (large intestine) - very fatty and full of flavor. Other gopchangs were ok but not as good as the daechang imo. Kimchi stew came across a little sour/sharp at first but it was a very necessary counterpoint to the grease of the gopchang. We also got the fried rice add on which was great although we were quite full by the end.

Might be a bit of an acquired taste but the four of us were all gopchang first timers (although we’re all korean and have had like soondae/blood sausage before) and we all liked it. Next time I would order 1 serving assorted and 1 serving daechang, skip the pork belly, def get a stew and the rice add on.

One thing was that the gopchang smell REALLY sticks to your clothes and it’s funkier than normal kbbq smell - we took a cab home and the smell was so strong it almost gave me a headache lol. It’s also very heavy/greasy and I really craved water and fruit after.


Sounds delicious, thanks for the report. Now I just have to figure out how to convince the SO to dine at an offal specialist :roll_eyes:

If she likes kbbq you can get 1 serving of pork belly as a kind of backup plan lol. It is still pretty good. I would make sure to also order the kimchi stew though!

She doesn’t like pork belly either :sleepy:… though I think I can convince her to get the kimchi jigae instead.