GQ's 12 Best New Restaurants of 2016

The 12 best new restaurants according to GQ for 2016.

In alphabetical order

  • Baroo (Los Angeles, C.A.)
  • Cassia (Santa Monica, C.A.)
  • Mimi (New York, N.Y.)
  • Monteverde (Chicago, I.L.)
  • Moruno (Los Angeles, C.A.)
  • Mud Hen Water (Honolulu, H.I.)
  • Petit Crenn (San Francisco, C.A.)
  • Shaya (New Orleans, L.A.)
  • Staplehouse (Atlanta, G.A.)
  • The Perennial (San Francisco, C.A.)
  • Untitled (New York, N.Y.)
  • Wildair (New York, N.Y.)

Read it all here.

Ipse you been to Moruno yet? I’m not even sure I’d heard of it until this article…can’t be that good can it?

I have not. Just read the LAT review about Moruno.

The restaurants on that list I have been to have not been memorable. For example, I think there are probably 12 restaurants alone in Manhattan (not just NYC) that are better than Untitled and Wildair.

And Baroo? Most interesting, maybe. Best in LA? Niet. And they’re not even open anymore.

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Gotta give them credit for a very interesting list. I like it far better than the James Beard list.

Had to look up Moruno myself. Honestly it looks good.